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Glass hood

Glass hood
Glass hood
Wall Mount Range Hood
Pinghu sunfly electric co. ltd. is an iso9001 certified wall mount range hood manufacturer located in china, it specializes in producing a variety of kitchen range hood. Such as islang range hood.and kitchen slim hood. all raw materials used in the manufacture of our products are strictly inspected before entering our factory, ensurning the stable performance of our kitchen hood.
The pictures show our wall mount rang hood. which is used to filter and remove smoke. fume and odor in air. The extractor hoods mouth of pumping smoke is in the side of the cooker. Nit right above the cooker. and can be hidden in the cabinest. Thus,our wall mounted range hood does not drip oil nor knock people head.it only occupies a little space. So it will not make people produce depressive feeling. In addition. Our wall mount range hood is energy-saving and could extract 99% fume. Smoke and odor in air. Now this kind of range hood is a kind of popular kitchen appliance.
Installation Height
The installation height of a range hood is generally measured form the cooking bench. The distance form the cooking bench to the bottom of the extraction hood is 60cm-75cm. The design height varies with the rangehood type. For our wall mount range hood, the design height is generally 35cm-45cm .
Cleaning Method of Wall Mount Range Hood
Regular cleaning of range hood is very important. When cleaning. most people habitually dismount the kitchen hood first and then clean it. Which not only wastes time but also easily damages the parts. Now we introduce a time-saving and labor-saving cleaning method that needs not to dismount the wall mount range hood.
1.       Find a plastic bottle that is easy to get flat when your hand pinches. And use a needle to poke more than 10 holes. Fill an appropriate amount of detergent into the bottle and add some warm water, and the shake the bottle to make the liquid even
2.       Stare the wall mount range hood and spray some detergent on the places to be cleaned. Now fume. Dust and dirty water all flow into the oil collector. Empty the collector when it is full, and then continue the work.
3.       Clean the kitchen hood repeatedly until the water that flow into the oil collector turns clean. Generally, 3times cleaning is enough to make the range hood clean. However, it depends on the thickness of dust.
4.       If there is a cover outside the fan blade, dismount the protection cover first and the cleaning effect will be better.
5.       Use a piece of cleaning cloth to clean the smoke inlet, the casing surface, the lampshade, and so on.
If you are interested in our wall mount range hood, we welcome you to contact us! Pinghu Sunfly electric co. ltd. looks forward to working with you!

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