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A group of suspected fake bengbu seized the rhombohedrons brand such as electric products

The festival market for purification, ensure that holiday market prosperity and stability and security of the consumer safety during the festival, so that the people a trust and satisfaction festival. City industrial and commercial bureau according to ShengJu "striking the special I date" the work plan for action, Range hood combined with the city's actual, seize the hot commodities, will with the masses of the production, life of small home appliance closely related festivals such as the key commodities the object, Range hoods the centralism develops to make false move, security festival consumption during the safety, ensure that the city's holiday market prosperity and stability, make the people a trust and satisfaction festival.


The policy end two giant home appliance interlinks confrontation increasingly intensified

Home appliance with old change new in December 31, 2011 over, late last year in the supermarket queue to consumers with old change new activities of the scene, seen by some as the last of the crazy.Range hood But in 2011, home appliance retail giants gome already out of civil war shadow, and the rapid expansion route; Su ning merger LAOX Japan officially into the domestic market, su ning double brand expansion began. Two people in traditional channels electric chain speed expansion at the same time, Cooker hoods they began to take the fight to the emerging e-commerce fuel. In 2012, no policy pulling, household electrical appliance industry will be property market after a far under the industry?


Kitchen electric new revolution beauty flag electric strategy to promote the brand competitiveness many home network: the economy is developing,Exhaust hoods market KaiFangHua step in to speed up, commodity age gradually developed into brand age, many in the industry have begun to turn to competitive brand competition, consumer spending behavior also gradually from commodity consumption into brands.


People's electrical Shanghai. And Germany hagrid electrical have reached a cooperation agreement

  November 23,, Germany hagrid electrical Co., LTD, vice general manager of marketing is building a line coke went to the people's electrical Shanghai limited company, is both sides talks cooper

Illegal building under power lines, "300,000 appliances" were destroyed illegal buildings built under power lines, electrical fire destroyed


    [Live] "30 million appliances," burned

    At 15:30 on the 11th or so, Range hood Zhengzhou City, Zhengzhou and Kaifeng Road and Yufeng Road intersection northeast corner of a house on fire, then broke the news reporters rushed to the scene. A small hospital in the waRange hoods rehouse fire, I saw one side is a row of simple warehouse, the warehouse are placed a large number of household appliances; the other side is a dilapidated two-story. The south side is a small courtyard substation, a high-voltage transmission tower near the small building.


Geomantic turn by turns home appliance market black voltage too white electricity? home power grid original: white electric industry in the first two years can say limelight no two, driven to the country in home appliances policy, refrigerator washing machine won Range hood a sharp increase. In 2009-2010, refrigerator into the "high speed" era, but time into the 2011, the limelight of refrigerator plunged. But in black electricity market, Range hoods domestic enterprises saw the ray of hope.


Hand in hand with buy group fight again south China made pu environmental protection electric lift the Iraq agitation

In December 2011, the eighth in hand hotel network activity came to south China again. hotel nets in hand activities successfully has been hold seven sessions, activity comprehensive coverage of east China, shandong and other regions, participate in dealers of more than five hundred people, Stainless steel hoods accumulative total sign the bill thousands of millions, of shares.


The cell phone market is expected to standard unified partition charger good languages

Small charger has become a major source of electronic waste, whether caused by the waste of resources or the hazard to the environment of social from all walks of life have been sufficient to cause the attention.

A few days ago, the work of the new rules on faith, Range hood provisions of the new censorship mobile phone no longer need to monitor charger. This means that mobile phone manufacturers in mobile phone sales in the future when no longer needed and charger binds a saleRange hoods . At the same time, it also means, on the market wide variety of cell phone charger will towards reunification.


Jiang Feng: Globalization is an inevitable trend in China's home appliance industry

    Recent European debt crisis intensified, the pace of global economic recovery is slowing down. However, is the so-called "crisis in the organic," for Chinese enterprises, it is "going out" good time, globalization strategy is being more and more Chinese home appliance companies put on the agenda. So, for the Chinese home appliance enterprises, now has the opportunity to implement global strategy? Companies how to better "go out"? In this process, which needs attention? What ways should the selection ? To this end, the "electrical"Range hood reporter interviewed Jiang Feng, China Household Electrical Appliances Association.


President Mao Zhong Fang too: not to mergers and acquisitions, not listed

     In the party too "high-inhalation" hood sold well national-cum-chef six lines starting ceremony, Ningbo side too Kitchenware Co., Ltd. President Mao Zhong said side too in the "five" during adhere to the "no market, no price war, not acquisitions." principles and the United States,Range hood such as electronics giant Siemens reached the kitchen appliances industry, "welcome" party too much emphasis on competition only "high-end first."



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