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Handsome too clock period day: marketing mode change to win more market

With domestic electric power construction level enhancement,Range hood and low voltage electrical production technology unceasing development, with intelligent, communication as the main feature of a new generation of low pressure electric appliance will become a high grade product.


Switching power supply industry wide market to force household appliances "wisdom" made

Switching power supply is to use modern power electronic technology, using power semiconductor devices as a switch, through the control switch transistor opened and shut off the time ratio (occupies emptiescompared), adjust the output voltage, maintain stable output of a power supply. In the early 1980 s computer power achieve of switch power supply, the first complete computer power generation, in the 90 s switching power supply has been used in all kinds of electronic,Range hood electrical equipment, pabx, communication, electric power test equipment power and control equipment of power supply. After 30 years of development, China's switch power supply industry has formed its own a sound industrial chain. According to China power supply society statistics, the current domestic production of switch power supply enterprise more than.


Remind: winter popular home appliance save leakage burns hidden trouble

The weather was cold, electric warming handbags, Range hood wind warm type, light warm type indoor electric heater etc product sells well, but the quality and safety issues in danger. City pledges inspect bureau yesterday announced Range hoods on a batch of winter best-selling life appliances and special supervise selective examination results, electric heat warm hand implement selective examination 40 batch, unqualified 16 batch, Cooker hoods percent of pass is only sixty percent; 42 batch indoor heater random inspection by, there are 4 batch did not pass.


Electrical warehouse fire emergency fire extinguishing zunyi five squadron

1. 2, when night 21 32 points, the fire team 119 command center receives masses alarm: say HuiChuan area is located in shenyang north road add Yang village a electric warehouse fire,Slim hoods the fire is bigger, spread quickly. To call the police,Island hood fire team zunyi command center has sent 119 urban five squadron 14 sets, and more than 80 officers and soldiers fire engines to fight with and through all the officers and Island hood soldiers of the joint effort, the fire more than ten minutes in effectively controlled. Then all officers and the single ember and Yin ran to the comprehensive material cleaning, after more than one hour to save,Chimney hoods fire on that day when evening and 35 points was completely put out. To be on the safe side, do no risk at all, leaving the site squadron power care, until there is no confirmation in the warehouse) may,Glass hood when 23 50 points, all fire fighters arrived to retreat from the site.


Hefei sanyo play by rongshida group led a wrongly-directed mind the strong dissatisfaction

Panasonic for sanyo in China to the action of hefei sanyo face no brand use embarrassing position.

According to the reporter understands, Range hood hefei sanyo start more brand management strategy actually out of helpless, hefei sanyo signed earlier "sanyo" trademark use agreement to expires in 2013, so the current domestic market sanyo has temporarily not disappear washing machine. But the public relations section of Panasonic Christopher LiM recent foreign revealed the, Range hoods the company will put its all consumer product brand name unified for Panasonic (Panasonic), it also means the Panasonic brand of purchase to sanyo were dumped in, the specific time is the next year in April,Cooker hoods hefei sanyo in trademark agreement expires renewed have been up in the air.


2011 years of China's kitchen electric industry review and development forecast

Time flies senility, 2011 fleeting, have been busy here we just think of look back at the end of the year the events of the kitchen electric industry. Backin 2011 hutch cable industry through roads, rocky and also surprise, some traditional also have innovation.


Push the warm electric heat loose bridge start saving energy subsidies preferential month

Cold wave hit, consumers of heater, humidifier, Range hood electric kettle and DouJiangJi and other products demand to multiply, the warm appliances sales leapt forward market. Domestic household appliances experts loose bridge ahead at time send force, in this date to January 4, the new energy subsidies during start-up preferential month, would lift the strength of warm storm.


The electric "layoffs storm" indicate home appliance has set up a file in the winter

In recent years has been to maintain high speed of white electricity giant growth midea group, has spread the news of the massive job cuts. Beauty appliances (000527) President FangHongBo foreign, responded that the parts to the sales company in order to deal with the external environment really in the contraction,Exhaust hoods but no beauty "organized", "have a specific quantitative index" of job cuts.


The $1 billion build wuhan electric base gravity life

From next makings, to the cooker molding off the assembly line, as long as one and a half hours.

December 12, morning, the $1 billion, Range hood 1 year after the time to build the life electrical wuhan industrial park and put into production, the first 3:1 thick bottom fry pan success off the assembly line, this marks a beautiful life first in the production of electric cooker primarily industrial base has put into operation.


Consumer Electronics Association: "Soymilk carcinogenic oil" is a meaningless question

  Recently, oil was ignited Soymilk events, so many consumers worried about drinking the milk in a mixed industrial lubricants, and the original whistleblowers alarmist "millionth leak will cause cancer" is exacerbated by a lot of people panic.



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