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Intelligent into low voltage electric appliance development new direction

With domestic electric power construction level enhancement, Range hood and low voltage electrical production technology unceasing development, with intelligent, communication as the main feature of a new generation of low pressure electric appliance will become a high grade product.


The rise and fall of kitchen electric power transformation high-end mission accomplished

House electric appliance winter incoming frequently, even of the kitchen always strong power market downturn also suffered embarrassing.

A few days ago, following the global LCD panels show giant LGDisplay in China in the joint venture factory xiamen were suspended, nanjing factory one thousand strike and challenge, has always been in the domestic market of the kitchen electric appliance strong industry also appeared for the first time the market the fate of falling sales. In the latest satisfying kang monitoring data shows: 2011-1 November, our country lampblack machine market retail decline 4.91% year-on-year,Vent hoods kitchen burning gas market retail decline 4.07% year-on-year. However, the reporter sees, bringing down electricity in the kitchen behind, but retail sales were 3.49% and 1.6% of the appeared positive growth.


Standards need to be perfected household water purification industry development is still being norms

"The standard system is not sound makes water purifiers market good and evil people mixed up, fake and inferior products are endless. This not only severely harm the interests of consumers,Range hood also harm the industry and its image. Water purifiers spare parts, raw materials, the national standards and trade standards and water production, testing and maintenance of the standard set has become a top priority." In national (private) camp economy research water purification industry commission (hereinafter referred to as the water industry committee) the deputy secretary-general of the electric "TangJianXing reporter said.


To old change new policy end old electric appliances recovery or will reduce the price

"To the old change new" policy for more than a year, has stimulated home appliance sales, with the policy running and in the future the old home appliance "way out" seems to be the only recovery way. Ordinary consumers of the skin of head at the same time, the old electric appliance recycling business but of comfortable tone, Slim hoods in their view, a time to home appliance recycling is difficult,Island hood "to the old change new after this or will change. And, in the collection price is also expected to fall after a period of time.


Five "first"-a generator and miracle of big business

The rapid development of science and technology to people living bring great convenience, combined with the sensors, intelligent study, the clouds a new generation of science and technology of the emerging science and technology, and a lot of new type of household electrical appliances accessories in shape to look like toys,Exhaust hoods but it can real observation and affect the life of people, provide intelligent energy-saving modern life environment.


Deep konka A premium transfer the arctic ocean electrical 60% equity stake

From Shanghai property right exchange to released information displays that deep konka A public listing mudanjiang the arctic ocean electric appliance Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Range hood the arctic ocean appliances,") 60% equity, the transfer price for 43.2222 million yuan. At the same time, the arctic ocean the other shareholders appliances holding also plan to proprietary mudanjiang city with 28.8148 million yuan transfer of their 40% equity, two project must be united transfer.


Home appliance price war steering technology from war

November 14,, the guangdong ShengGaoYuan make a final decision, that beauty of 4 sleep air conditioning gree technology patent infringement, the gree 2 million yuan economic loss compensation,Range hood and end the gree beautiful for up to three years of patent wars. A beautiful infringement of gree publicity act caused the enterprise competition model of reflection. Gree beautiful patent war also reflect the current Chinese home appliance face the challenge of industrial upgrading, home appliance enterprise by the price competition to technological competition, Range hoods this requires enterprise must strengthen the independent innovation, mutual respect for intellectual property rights, strengthen the upstream parts, product development design, production and manufacturing, Cooker hoods logistics and the service and so on the competitiveness of the whole industry chain.


Undergraduate electrical whole wei yu can wash out culture

Great China five thousand years history, a brick, idealds has its own story. And everyday life clean problems derived personal the wash culture, but also the broad and profound.

Ancient, take a shower is not only for personal Range hood clean sanitation, also as a etiquette, a kind of social morality is to comply. For example, receive a visitor, etc along its audience, first bath burning incense, to say piety and respect. Range hoods Such as "the analects of Confucius · xian asked" say: "Confucius bath and the". Confucius's political thought highly of Confucian is, so he strictly abide byCooker hoods , wash bath to see good governors, or go to sacrifice to the ancestors and gods. Lao tze also is very exquisite health, "chuang tzu · TianZiFang" account: once,Kitchen hood Confucius to see Lao tze had hit a Lao tze bath, covered with long hair, don't like a man, the Confucius a scare. China is a country with an ancient civilization, has a long tradition of health and customs. Ancient early has a regulation, fluctuation body bath towel should be separated. The · inside ceremonies.from "said:Exhaust hoods well, not in the total of bath." Here ethical reason, also has the clean health of meaning.


Foreign brand in China do got home appliance stores can't do?

The message says, Europe's largest, the third of the consumer electronics retailers million in the city is speeding up sitting in China. It announced, will open in Shanghai's three million in the city store,Slim hoods store after opening, million in the city in China, the total number of reach 7 home.


Large-scale electric appliance retailer in the electronic commerce say YES or NO

On April 20,, as one of China's biggestRange hood electronics retailers of gome, with its its new finally joined the electronic commerce network store camps.

Gome's first appear online comes as China enterprise to user electronic commerce (business-to-consumer, hereinafter referred to as the B2C) provider of competitiveness in the period of rapid change,Range hoods industry observers believe, gome already arrives too late.



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