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Gome: efficient logistics system foundation

Data shows, the country has already achieved all the logistics coverage, and logistics distribution fastest, most powerful distribution. In 2011, gome and haier, samsung, sanyo, LG, summer popularity at home and abroad, such as the famous brand of cooperation agreement signed span more than, in demand forecasting, research and development, production, Range hood...

Invest billions of dollars! Midea million in India and then by building capacity

  August last year, Kelly has just acquired the air conditioning business in Latin America 51% stake in Midea (000,527, closing price of 12.17 yuan), after a lapse of five months Zaidufali, Range hood the company said today (January 9, 2012) announced that is planning to invest billions of dollars of funds, investment of 100 million units in India, production capacity, further develop the Indian market.Range hoods Think of for "TM", "home appliances" such as overdraft in advance good policy and market demand, household electrical appliance enterprises to survive this difficult environment, the reality of the situation, Midea's overseas expansion, or an inevitable option.


Household electrical appliance industry hope the government push to old change new follow-up policy

In a few days, had taken two years of home appliance with old change new subsidies will end on schedule. The morning paper the author is that, from Friday on, Shanghai to contend for take home appliance with old change new "bus" citizens volume increased significantly, su ning, and other home appliances chain brand salesRange hood are rising dramatically. However, "the end of sell like hot cakes" make businessman happy at the same time, the industry have also started to worry it also brings "negative".


Second line home appliance brand borrow way in a line electric business curve market

The development of the electric business platform, also let the panda television second line television brand and part of the small home appliance enterprise saw a line of market in curve opportunity. Because management experience and electric business operation of the shortcomings of the professional, the enterprise Exhaust hoods to try to subcontract related business, further gave birth to the easy product electric appliances, XinQi day and the development of the shang dynasty operators.


Huaibei: a market stop ahead of home appliance "to old change new"

"Not to say that home appliance 'to old change new' deadline at the end of the year? How we huaibei just before Christmas deadline?" Yesterday (December 24), the ms wang huaibei city reflects this. Range hood Reporter then interview found, huaibei city several large chain stores are says it will stop this weekend in home appliance "to old change new". They say, that the practice is to get the business department huaibei city oral announcement.


Nanjing three bay: to create China's leading terminals brand

"With cooperation instead of competition, so as to share transfer light." Today, the three roots in China is further electric bay deployed 2011 years of brand strategy, the enterprise to be the leading global brand development goals terminals, excellent wisdom to benefit human. Expected in the next 5 years,Vent hoods three bay appliances will follow countries "1025" planning pace, the thorough implementation of the scientific development concept, become a adhere to the actual action with global customers to share interests of the Chinese national enterprise.


Household electrical appliance industry: policy gradually exit investment logic will change

Investment points:

2012 is the year of transition home appliance adjustment

In 2012, household electrical appliance Range hood industry facing policy gradually exit, real estate going negative growth factors, is expected to fall growth industry. We think in this context industry needs certain adjustment period, home appliance enterprise will conduct transformation, industry will appear before the high growth pattern after low.


E-commerce trend to incoming home appliance chain started defense at the end of the year

 With the arrival of the era of e-commerce alumni record, e-commerce has become the first choice of consumer spending ways. So, home appliance online mall began to follow suit home appliance sells the marketing model, in different festivals release different promotion mode. In order to promotion,Slim hoods each everybody on the mall is to make all grid litigation. In just the past's day, data showed that during's day, taobao taobao mall, only "pay treasure"Vent hoods the total amount of the transaction is to break through 5.2 billion, equivalent to Hong Kong six days of the total retail sales. "Holiday effect", and "promotion effect" become household electrical appliance industry two key words, with Christmas, New Year's day approaching, the everyone's electricity chain enterprise has a fight, from the network shopping on race to win the cake.


3 out of the leading home appliances to complete the layout of three or four markets

   December 6, the final round of bidding for home appliances, held in Beijing, it also means that four-year policy of home appliances, will be scheduled at an end in January 2013.

    Launched in 2007,Slim hoods home appliances from the pilot provinces and cities, to implementation of the policy reached its peak in 2010, widely believed, for enterprises, the biggest home appliances to the countryside policies to help the rural market is forced open, stimulating domestic sales increased by 20% to 40 %. But this November, Island hood the first end of the first pilot provinces and cities incentives, home appliances has entered the exit phase, which means that sales of household appliances in recent years, high growth will end.


Kitchen appliances: product of high concentration of high-end brand

    From small to large, from weak to strong, to date, China has entered the small appliance industry robust growth, a real big market. In 2006, China's small home appliances market is only 98 billion yuan, accounting for 13.9% of household electrical appliances market. 2011, China's small household appliance market will reach 173.9 billion yuan, accounting for 14.5% of household electrical appliances market, 170.8 billion yuan more than the black market, Slim hoods second only to the size of a household appliance market in the white category. Among them, the kitchen appliances become the main force, which in 2010 exceeded 80 billion yuan output value.



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