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Chen received the United States respond to the indictment both silent

   Learned from the sources, Slim hoods the former chairman of Gome Group, in late July, Chen was formally issued by the court received its copy of the indictment Gome. United States of Chen's action, the Beijing Second Intermediate People's Court has accepted filing, the case is currently scheduled hearing date.


Overall industry performance by three percent inverter air conditioner into the mainstream

   Near the end of July when,Slim hoods since 2011 began in September last year, the cold began to enter in the closing stages, air-conditioning market structure is largely settled. Industry estimates, 2011 will remain cold in the industry as a whole more than 30% growth, inverter air conditioner in the year of concern, have occupied the mainstream air-conditioning market, Island hood air-conditioning market, the overall price level has increased over the previous.


Chaos appliance repair service should be standardized cottage

   On the one hand big companies to increase the number of service outlets; the other hand, consumers also repeated the "black maintenance man," fraud, wasting not paying the money to do something, this is the home appliance industry,Range hood the status of maintenance services.


Air to water heaters gradually favored to lead the fashion consumer appliances

    As people's living standards improve, the majority of consumers in the purchase of items, more than justRange hood the pursuit of product features, consumer culture to meet the family members have become an important element of quality of life.Range hoods Currently, both the quality of products or services, air to water heater industry is increasing rapidly, and has formed a number of widely popular consumer brands. 2011 air to water heater industry is showing a thriving scene, trends become more clear.


Excellent frequency selection Gree amazing world of technology

    Inverter air conditioner in recent years to gain market share quickly, in February this year the number of 1.604 million domestic inverter air conditioner units, accounting for more than half the market, the inverter air conditioner sales soared. With energy-saving air-conditioning subsidies for the end of June, frequency, Range hoods fixed-frequency air-conditioning of the dispute is in the public opinion of the "cusp." According to the survey data show that the year 2011, accounting for inverter air conditioner market is expected to exceed 50%,Cooker hoods which in a secondary market sales accounted for 60% estimated 70% in 34 markets accounting for the inverter air conditioner sales more than 40%. 51 small and Dragon Boat Festival holiday sales even up to a "blowout" situation.


Three kinds of growth patterns and diverse achievements in the development of a large market of small appliances

    Small household appliances market in recent years, surging, it is with fashion, personality, elegant, convenient, Range hood practical and so deeply favored to win millions of families. Large mature products and new product growth in recent years to become competitive characteristics of the development of small appliances. According to market research data, induction cooker, rice cooker, etc. After years of development matures, high product penetration, market scale, nearly three years of sales were more than 40 million units. Electric pressure cooker, electric kettle, Range hoods soybean milk and other products in 2011 reached 21.71 million units can be.


Running out of power suppliers could force countries Hair "was home to"

     Market research firm Analysys International (AnalysysInternational) data show that in 2010, Taobao Mall, Jingdong Mall and outstanding (the Amazon (Amazon) China) occupies in the B2C market share of 42.5%. Outstanding market performance in the network appliance retailer Suning Appliance traditional industry, market share only less than 1%, hundreds of other retailers in competition for the rest of the market share.Range hood Recently, China's largest home appliance chain Gome Group's new on-line e-commerce site, which can be described as an excellent opportunity to market the United States, the United States this year, the Group has identified e-commerce force for the year.


Washing machine roaring sound terrible temper inexplicable explosion

    Now lives, washing machines has become essential household appliances, but you know, washing temper that is quite frightening. Mr. Xian Wei washing machine at home two days before it exploded.

    Mr. Wei, Range hood who lives in the eastern outskirts of Xi'an, in March last year, bought by relatives in a twin tub washing machine, has been good, two days before the morning can be thrown down jacket Shique sudden soul-stirring scene.


Galanz strategic integration of life electrical kitchen appliances

   Recently, Glanz officially released "Galanz, living appliances, kitchen appliances strategic integration",Range hood said to Army operations, a comprehensive initiative of small household appliances market in China and gain high-profile public Glanz aim at China's first small home appliances title group strategy. This is the second wash the integration of the ice after the empty Glanz, Galanz Group, another major release of integration and restructuring news.

HC intelligent appliances shop e-commerce platform of choice

   Early March 2011 in Zhongshan Huangpu hold the fifth China small household electrical appliances exhibition, intelligent appliances humidifiers new competing cause-related media reports, the new regional businessmen have also been further developed. Relevant person in charge of "conventional products are increasing, Range hood the growth of new breakthrough products, most of the customers is through after learning about the Internet specifically to find here." A simple word to summarize the show's investment summary.



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