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ShangPu consultation: analytical low-voltage future development direction

Low voltage electrical appliances in China's 50 years of history, since 2000, the low pressure electric appliance made breakthrough progress, low voltage electric appliance also from simply assembly, imitate manufacture to independent design and research and development. At present, China's production of low-voltage products nearly 1000 series, the value of about 20 billion yuan.


Kitchen electric industry development prospects significantly undermined high-end trend

According to a satisfying kang in measuring, in 2010 China home appliance market sales of 1.0758 trillion yuan, the breakthrough trillions of mark, up 20.7%, the year of making history. By 2011 the economic situation and the influence of the real estate policies, home appliance market are calm, Vent hoods until July this year, sales scale 720.2 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 13.2% compared with the same period in 2010, after the 2010 high growth, market began to return to growth. Kitchen electric appliance market as part of show good state of development, from this year's affairs, industry development potential is tremendous, in the high-end market step by step towards.


5 base layout overseas beauty appliances steadily accelerated globalization

This time, the electric chess for India.Slim hoods As the electric 2012 international first one, the fifth largest overseas base will be built in India, this be the beauty appliances accelerate the layout of the overseas another important signal, will boost the robust to realize "1025" period "rebuilding the beautiful" objectives.


Dialogue electrical appliances chain: black electricity price lower air conditioning is still bullish

The dongguan three big home appliance chain in handing over the last year how a transcript? What are the window for home appliance retail industry, add the brightness grace? Home applianceRange hood is worth this year trend? Traditional home appliance will you encounter an unprecedented "winter"? The New Year is DiuZuBaoChe or inverse city expansion?


Beautiful patterns of electric shares lifted 7 agencies FuKui nearly 400 million yuan

This day (January 11,), the rhombohedrons appliances (000521, closing price of 4.53 yuan) 93.3852 million shares of shares by ban circulation, accounting for 14.67% of the total equity of the company. However, in 2011 after a year of low prices, beauty rhombohedrons electric shares fell more than 50%,Slim hoods at the outset of RMB 10.28 per share price has a few be additional ks.


3D 3D TV channel launch to find the "confidence" to increase sales

   Into the twelfth lunar month, many people began to busy years. To buy food to buy to wear Needless to say, there are many people who want to buy before the Spring Festival a big TV style. Recently, reporters learned appliance stores in the provincial capital, TV has become a catch-all other electrical appliance stores sales leader.


Gome ChenXiao lawsuit case a week after the retrial had to pay 10 million break-up fee

This day (jan. 5, 2012) 9 30, gome as the plaintiff and the chairman of the board ChenXiao once on thin in court, court cases through about two and a half hours later, the Beijing municipal ErZhongYuan announced a week so that both sides case extend to collect evidence.


Payment by installment buy home appliance to get rational consumption

And to the year end, everywhere to spend money, have on hand immediately tight. Then if you are a super DaBing liquid crystal TV, have a kind of hope "machine" were left feeling useless regrets. In fact, for now, many financial institutions of the appliances are in full swing in consumer credit business, as long as you have a liking for, be the first to a penny don't pay, home delivery, and payment by installment, still no interest rate, no service charge.Exhaust hoods Some consumers taste "month pay one hundred yuan look big color TV" miley, highly recommend home appliance credit consumption mode; There are many consumers that "there is no free lunch", the home electrical appliance credit consumption cautious attitude.


Gree electric appliances extension air conditioning product testing field deep cooperation new mileage

December 28,, zhuhai gree electric appliances Co., LTD and leading global provider of third party quality and safety services Intertek tensho group in zhuhai held a "satellite program-level 4 and" opening ceremony, Slim hoods announced the gree electric appliances get Intertek "satellite program" the highest level certified.


SANYO brand retreat city home appliance more brand strategy has unknown

On hand to have more than one brand of home appliance enterprise who is more widely and good, or fewer but better?

A few days ago, is located in the Japanese Osaka prefecture keep mouth city SANYO motors at the headquarters building of the "SANYO" mark has been torn down. Since January 2012, Exhaust hoods panasonic and sanyo will begin restructuring and integration work, 4 month sanyo brand will disappear. At the same time, SONY in the completion of the joint venture SONY Ericsson shares the acquisition,Vent hoods also confirmed that in 2012 to give up "SONY Ericsson" brand.



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