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Home appliance is becoming increasingly fierce blow jobs the storm positive transformation can for the winter

A year ago, size of billions, domestic white electricity giant level of beauty appliances release soaring, five years to create another beautiful. But one year later today,Stainless steel hoods it and about a stir of job cuts storm, shocked was quiet home appliance market.


Su ning electric equipment company executives paid 200 million around 0.34% equity stake

Su ning electric equipment (002024 SZ) today (on January 13, 2012) notice revealed, recently the 16 executives investment of nearly 200 million yuan, the company take nearly 0.34% of the equity.

On December 12, 2011, suning appliance vice chairman,Slim hoods President SunWeiMin received jinming, vice President MengXiangSheng, vice President RenJun and part of the core management personnel's notice, plan within one month in the future, with total does not exceed 200 million yuan to the stock of the company around, Island hood increasing by raising funds needed for the management.


"Oscar" electrical terminals brand new age China win the future

"Electric new age brand win the future" 2011 China electrical ten big brands award prize-giving grand ceremony in 2012 January 12,, in the sponsored "" awards ceremony was held in Beijing diaoyutai state guesthouse. The award ceremony of multiple awards were announced. China electric field,Exhaust hoods authoritative experts heavyweight brand research experts, nearly hundred top brand, the industry mainstream media elite, and gather for the common witness China electrical industry leading enterprise for a year of hard efforts of the glory of the light radiate moment. The" China famous brand award "known as China's industry," Oscar ", is by the electrical industry a nets, with annual brand index as the core basis, comprehensive market survey,Vent hoods the user feedback and expert evaluation to produce, and according to the score for awards ranking." China electric brand award "is divided into ten big brands award and awards, were awarded to in the field of industry brand electrical achievement prominent ten brand and a single performance outstanding brand.


2011 year China household electrical appliances industry summit grand start home by the grid "of 2011 year China household electrical appliances industry summit" in January 11, 2012 official start, poll also begin at the same time. The contestant enterprise will accept the network, mobile phone short message, net silver vote, the public investigation and expert vote, Vent hoods winners will be through the expert committee formally released after the review.


Waste small home appliance still need to handle business gradually hot great wisdom

The mobile phone, camera, eliminated and computers and other electronic products in addition to sell to the street vendors the waste, where else can handle the waste? This year two meetings in "period", GuoLianXi, such as ZhuJing committee proposal, the our city should perfect the electronic waste recycling and disposal system.Slim hoods In the community residents' committees in the building or the supermarket, a convenience store establish "electronic waste recycling point", established electronic waste recycling special fund, strengthen to the electronic junk, and other special waste disposal collector of law enforcement.


Gome sued ChenXiao tort says the case optimistic

January 5, morning, gome electrical appliances (00493 HK) sued gome board chairman of ChenXiao before a case, the second in the intermediate people's court in session.

In the court trial site, entrusted by gome executiveRange hood director for representatives to attend the ZouXiaoChun; Defence ChenXiao did not attend, but assigned two lawyer present.


Su ning took the lead in the 100's flagship store access 3 D channel signals

Our country the first 3 D television channel has been in since New Year's day experiment test broadcasts, formal broadcast during the Spring Festival, a year, 3 D TV came the "good" news. According to electrical appliances chain giant su ning electric equipment relevant controller introduces, this year 3 D TV sales will appear a sharp increase in the first wave of consumption boom to come before the New Year comes, su ning electric equipment is already planning 100 flagship store house takes the lead in access 3 D channel signal, and a 3 D TV to put forward a number of special activities, Chimney hoods sales promotion efforts unprecedented.


Power management semiconductor market growth would slow

According to IHSiSuppli company of the power management market research report, because consumer spending overall go soft and Japan march earthquake in supply chain interrupt,Vent hoods 2011 power management semiconductor market growth rate will be slower than expected.


The future China market growth forecast of the low voltage circuit breaker

Through to the Chinese low voltage circuit breaker market nearly four years of study, released in 2011 the fourth with a product, report-the 2011 China low voltage circuit breaker market research report, Range hood the report data shows: in 2010 the Chinese low voltage circuit breaker total market scale is 33.3 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 19%.


To old change new end consumers didn't order before frank

"I kui! Only sent a day, will miss home appliance with old change new subsidies!" Yesterday (January 2) afternoon, in the city of a victory on the way home appliance sells, Glass hood ms xu citizens from the department that staff, "to the old change new" policy promotion implementation deadline is December 31, 2011. This means that, she just watching TV in less than 10% of enjoy before "old change new" subsidies. Reporters in the interview to realize, New Year's day holiday shopping small home appliance sells the citizens, many still consulting home appliance "to the old change new" matters, but are like ms xu, get the policy Stainless steel hoods has suspended reply.



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