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Switching power supply industry wide market to force household appliances "wisdom" made

On March 2, 2012-4, zhongshan city economy and information by the bureau of zhongshan huangpu town, people's government and the host, from the house of the power grid 7 th Chinese small home appliance fair in guangdong zhongshan huangpu international exhibition center is held ceremoniously.Range hood The 7 th exhibition in a total of 600 small home appliance enterprises exhibitors, up 28% from the same period. In the professional audience, from home state grid general manager metaphor forecast,Slim hoods the exhibition will be more than 40000 dealers, agents invited to zhongshan huangpu, with many household electrical appliance industry event. Below are zhongshan handsome too electric appliance Co., LTD marketing deputy director Mr. Bell period days accept from the interview of home network. The following text for interview record:


Pepsi Thai inverter and happy life good helper

Pepsi Thai inverter and happy life good helper

With the improvement of people's living standard, the car has gained popularity, portable electrical appliances with the application of more and more widely. Portable electric battery capacity problem,Range hood but also many of the most attention if one subject. Range hoods From the industry to realize, inverter is a direct current into an alternating current device, can let you in the car use a variety of portable electric appliances, is long and ZiJiaYou, proper thing.


There, the GongYi such as lang springs "brand, product, customer" led by home power grid launched industry core customer (pearl river delta) depth exchange meeting customers pay attention to by industry. December 28, 2011 at four in the afternoon,Range hood in the shunde branch multifunction meeting held again. Travis lang, hefei from small home appliance, by rongshida group in beautiful minister (springs the world), good life, century delong,Range hoods south rhombohedrons electronics, electrical appliances, and popularize the newsletter appliances, shenzhen sensitive jie and 10 enterprise controller to attend the meeting.Cooker hoods The meeting all 2011 event, e-commerce industry future development and "brand, product, customer" three driver management model of key topic further communication.


Five departments will unite the big electric retail enterprise violate compasses charges

Reporters from the ministry of commerce on December 26, is that, in order to safeguard the fair and orderly market environment, promote the healthy development of retailing, ministry of commerce and national development and reform commission, ministry of public security, taxation, industry and commerce administration jointly issued by a notice, Range hood decided to since December 2011 to June 2012 on the cleanup in the national large retail enterprise to supplier illegal charge work.


Consumer electronics appliances industry must seize the transformation and upgrading of article 3 main line


In 2011, Europe debt crisis gradually spread, worsening the international market environment; Home appliance went to the country, home appliance with old change new and energy-saving product huimin engineering policy have quit, the domestic market demand presents high before the trend of the low after. From the whole to see, Slim hoods in 2011 China's consumer electronics appliances industry achievements: ensure steady growth in at the same time, the product structure was further optimized, the competitive power of enterprise promote quickly. But, there is market demand growth is slowing, technical concept excessive speculation, the strategy of "going out" Island hood progress has been slow. 2012 is the "1025"Island hood planning implementation of the year, consumer electronics industry in the process of transformation and upgrading of the following three main line must be caught.


Wto ten years household electrical appliance industry sales increased to the trillions

Ten years ago, the Chinese electrical appliances industry sales income is 170 billion yuan, in 2010, the data for 1.04 trillion yuan.

Ten years ago, the Chinese electrical appliances industry export trade $6.929 billion, 2010 in, the data for 150 billion dollars.


3D TV brands made obvious technical shortcomings in the initial stage

   "October" Golden Week, the biggest cost is the public Liu, businesses taking advantage of discounts for the newly renovated house is equipped with a 46-inch 3D TV. "To walk around the mall, are now selling each brand 3D TV." Liu told reporters.


Guangzhou: the longest history of weak sales of home appliances Day sales season

     Year 11, Guangzhou, weak sales of traditional home appliances, electronics stores in Guangzhou drag. Guangzhou, the core of a single appliance chain store sales of traditional home appliances fell facing the south are single store manager said, "TV as a whole fell nearly 10 percent, Slim hoods a direct result of our single store sales decline during the National Day." In weakness in the consumer electronics market, the high-end products barely hold up the National appliance sales.


Nanjing United States: Golden Week spending to drive the three categories

   In the past the Golden Week holiday, the main urban area of Nanjing Gome stores the items home appliances are ushered their peak consumption, which smart phones,Slim hoods LCD TV, kitchen appliances and large household appliances and other electronic products consumption growth has become the most prominent of home appliances.


Water appliances can be made "mineral water"? Experts said it was business gimmick

  Installing a home water purifier can directly drink at home, "mineral water"? With increasing pollution of water resources and people's health awareness, home is directly related to the water softener, water purifier, water purifier and other "water appliance "is becoming a consumer favoriteRange hood However, the reporter found that part of the appliance and the water is not so "magical" effect. Experts said: present, good and bad quality of water appliances, Range hoods true filter false sterilization have occurred, the manufacturers claim that the water purifier can increase the mineral elements are also purely "gimmick."



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