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Beijing: small electrical appliance into a favored limelight overshadowed by big

    Chinese New Year coming, not only clothing, food has become a major focus of the main New Year, and more and more people into the New Year gifts of small appliances in the shopping list, which boost the small appliance market. Range hood Recently, this reporter visited a number of appliance stores in Beijing found that the digital, mobile phones, small appliances such as life has become a hot commodity, and its sales momentum has been overshadowed by the big appliances.


Note about the details of life to build a firewall Taian Fire

     Spring Festival is the resident fire, electricity peak period, but also fire-prone period. The weather continuing drought, this dry weather exacerbated the fire hazard. To enable the public to enjoy a safe New Year,Island hood Tai'an City Fire Brigade Secret squadron commander during the Spring Festival Yi Liu Leilei about the focus of fire hazards and prevention methods.


Granite countertops are expensive professional installation required

    Granite with its abrasion resistance, the characteristics of oil is more and more families are alike. Island hood Kitchen granite countertops have become the first choice of natural stone countertops. However, expensive granite kitchen countertops, maintenance, replacement costs are also high. Installing granite countertops is not suitable for DIY, it needs the expertise of professional installers.


Intelligent Community in 2011 to accelerate the development trends of the ascendant

   Intelligent community in China is still new things are emerging, after 10 years of development has made great progress, but the development is uneven.
   Shenzhen, Shanghai,Range hood Guangzhou, Beijing and other coastal cities, municipalities and provincial cities developed rapidly in developed regions Less developed regions, compared with one to two beats, some slow, some of the intelligence community near the beginning,Range hoods there The is still in speculation stage. Overall, the intelligence community is like bamboo shoots after the rain in full swing, blooming all over the country's vast land,


Wang Qin Lin talk about family fire escape with necessary equipment

    Interview Guest: Wang Qin Lin, Deputy Secretary of Public Security Fire.

    Interview topic: "home" was always one safe haven, but the fire was all the time threatening the safety of home.Range hood Compared with the fire safety in public places, home fire safety but is often overlooked. Do you own the home fire safety inspection and evaluation have it? Do you have family fire response plan to develop it? This is no fuss, perhaps in the critical moments that can save your life!


Mayor Zhao Yide personally for the people of Wenzhou electric Ye Yusen Awards

   The morning of January 26, Wenzhou City, mobilization cum high quality of Mayor Quality Award Conference was held in the City Hall news.
   Secretary for Quality and Technical Supervision,Range hood Zhejiang Province, Party Secretary of Qu Sufen, the CPC Wenzhou Municipal Committee, mayor Zhao Yide, Wenzhou Municipal Committee, Range hoods vice mayor Zhou Shaozheng, as well as the city's county, district authorities and enterprises on behalf of more than 200 people attended the meeting. Zhou Shaozheng Deputy Mayor chaired the meeting.


Shenyang police who had been selling fake fake auto parts market XingJu

    There have been close auto market has been selling fake products were XingJu.

    News Playback:

    Jan. Range hood 19 afternoon, motor vehicle parts market in Shenyang in Northeast China are more than 500 owners shuttered coincidentally, the market suddenly paralyzed.


3D TV Chinese TV business trends mixed views

    January 18, 2010, held in Beijing, China's electronic information industry of running cum-TV industry conference, Range hood to Konka, Changhong and Hisense, represented by the optimists and Tsinghua represented with the pragmatic side, respectively, 3D TV expressed their views.


Analysis: rigid polyurethane plastics widely used!

    Polyurethane foam is widely used at present. Soft foam is mainly used for furniture and vehicles of various pad materials, Range hood insulation materials, etc.; rigid foam insulation is mainly used for household appliances, housing wall spray foam insulation and waterproof,Range hoods sanitary products, reinforcement, pipe insulation materials, building panels, refrigerated trucks and cold insulation materials, etc.; semi-rigid foam used in automotive instrument panels, steering wheel and so on.

China replaced the U.S. as the largest export destination for Malaysia's electrical

    Malaysia External Trade Development Agency statistics, electrical and electronic products in Malaysia, the top five export destinations,Range hood China has replaced the U.S. as the top. Law of Trade and Industry Minister Mu Sita Ma said that 11 months of 2010, Ma electrical and electronic products, the top five export destinations were: China (374 billion), Singapore (333 billion),Range hoods United States (32.8 billion RM), Hong Kong (231 billion), Japan (164 billion).