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Glanz while the United States and prices have reached a tacit agreement price or

    In recent years, two giants in the domestic microwave oven and Glanz Deer --- United States, are frequent moves, or the introduction of claims to supra-national energy efficiency standards for products to market, or play the concept of brand, launched the "steam Cube" and " light "series. Different in content,Range hood but the result was surprising agreement that the two high-end market price of microwave ovens have stood on top of 1,000 yuan, with the previous two or three hundred of the microwave oven frequently compared to rising prices. Coincidentally, last year's Fall Fair on early November, the two giants overseas products are invariably offer a raise to 10%, Range hoods which is more than ten years the two companies in a price war history, is absolutely unprecedented. Such a step, and prices, is it intended and for the two companies?


Gree Electric Appliances: respect for labor is also a "productivity"

    20 short years, the Zhuhai Gree Electric Appliances Co., Ltd. from a humble little plant growth for the world's largest air-conditioning manufacturing company. Gree success lies not only in a large number of research input and emphasis on innovation, more importantly, learn to respect this company and labor, so that "respect"Range hood to become productive.


Keyou appliances: human management to help companies grow

    As the temperature gradually increased, Cixi side policies have begun to implement limited power, which has no small businesses,Range hood small appliances impact, especially on the production Liangji products business, now is the season, a power failure on enterprises to has annual sales of some degree of trauma. When I contact Appliance Co., Ltd. Cixi Keyou Fang Di Jiang, sales manager,Range hoods the defendant corporate power, staff leave, Jiang Jingli it took a full half an hour, chatted Keyou years of development, it also allows the author deep deep-felt human enterprise management.

HC refuses to achieve asymmetric praised Yulon electrical information exchange

     For the inland cities, Range hood the information flow is still not comparable with the coastal cities. Video production base is highly concentrated in the Pearl River Delta region, Inner Mongolia, Hohhot Mr. Liang Deqing deeply feel the loss of asymmetric information, "Fortunately, Range hoods 7,8 years ago, by chance, Cooker hoods get a HC Network Advertising Business, this Published the book business and product information, give me a lot of help! "


Blu-ray "resurrection"! Blu-ray disc players in China has shown a dead end?

   Recently, the management center CCTV advertising a notice has been quiet for a long time quickly Jiaore Chinese Blu-ray market.

    Suning Appliance Brand Manager bamboo waves in its micro-Bo forwarding a "CCTV advertising management center,"Range hood the notice says, "the advertisers and advertising agencies: CCTV new site opening soon, the new units to Blu-ray discs as the medium Full realization of high-definition broadcast, in order to ensure orderly work to complete the seamless connection,Range hoods with immediate effect, started to receive high-definition Blu-ray Disc Advertising Review, September 1, the high-definition Blu-ray Disc enabled ads will be used as review all of the media. "


Electric Association ZHANG Ya-lin: Electrical equipment manufacturing power to achieve goals

   Into "Twelve Five", China's electrical industry will usher in a new round of development. How to seize the opportunity for continued growth in electricity demand, to achieve the transformation from large to strong? How to change the mode of economic development, scientific development? In the recently held China Electrical Equipment Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as "Electric Association"), Range hood fourth on the Second Board, the National Energy Board, the Ministry of Industry, Machinery Industry Federation and other relevant leaders, industry experts and business representatives gathered appliances, judged the situation, resolve problems, explore the direction of the industry to guide people to the power held in the "five-second" Range hoods new milestone in the electrical equipment manufacturing powers for the realization of the goal to make unremitting efforts.

High-end kitchen electric competition stale smoke stumped consumers

    The price of a hood, you can buy a Chevrolet Sail cars, This is no joke.

    "The boss a model CXW-200-9508N of the smoke machine is priced at 49,900 yuan, another model CXW-200-9506N price as high as 36,000 yuan, a model of side too CXW-200-EY01S hood priced at 39,800 yuan, another model CXW-200-EA02 is priced at 18,800 yuan. "pointing to a consumer boss side of the hood so the two companies could not help but ask the price," which in the end selling products or selling concept? "


Kitchen electric companies want to love the resurgence of high-end price war

     A hood of Chinese brands, sold U.S. iPhone4 prices.

    Something that makes a lot of Chinese household electrical appliance enterprises are quite envious of things. "China Enterprise News" reporter in the interview that in recent years, the two power companies in Zhejiang kitchen boss, Range hood party around the hood is too high-end product contest started fight, is turned into a "high profit" as the goal of foreign kitchen electric World War II transformation of collective enterprises. Domestic brands of beauty, Range hoods Vantage, Macro, etc. have followed suit, while foreign brands Siemens to be outdone, the high-end transformation of electric kitchen fully opened the curtain.


Foxconn phenomenon: the "atypical" pain point brand reputation

     May 20 evening, there was a particularly loud voice: a loud crash northwest of Chengdu in China, so that the world's oldest foundries Foxconn corpuscles year later, has once again become the focus of people on earth - its iPad2 (Apple second-generation Tablet PC) production plant plant explosion. Result of a "workshop of the factory polished aluminum dust accumulation in the pipe, sparking electrical switches encountered in the exhaust tube explosion."


Japan should "power shortage" LED lighting into a home energy-saving hot

    In response to the summer, "power shortage", the Japanese government has recently identified a power supply and demand measures required Tokyo Electric Power Company and the Northeast Power Company's businesses and households within the jurisdiction of electricity this summer than last year by 15%.