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Hisense Kelon president to resign, said first day of week a small charge

     Hisense Kelon announced that the company directors and the resignation of President Zhou Xiaotian, Ren Liren successor president.

    Range hood Hisense Kelon said in the announcement, a small day week due to personal family health reasons and tendered his resignation to the Board of Directors of the Company and president, also resigned from the Board of Directors together with the Strategy Committee, the Nomination Committee's duties. Board of Directors by the study, agreed Small day week resigned Range hoods as director and executive officer and the Board Strategy Committee, the Nomination Committee's duties during his tenure and thanked the contribution of the Company.


Air to water heaters gradually favored to lead the fashion consumer appliances

    As people's living standards improve, the majority of consumers in the purchase of items, more than justRange hood the pursuit of product features, consumer culture to meet the family members have become an important element of quality of life.Range hoods Currently, both the quality of products or services, air to water heater industry is increasing rapidly, and has formed a number of widely popular consumer brands. 2011 air to water heater industry is showing a thriving scene, trends become more clear.


Cabinet industry: 2011 cabinet style pop-metal design

    With the cabinet in recent years the market matures, the cabinet of consumerism is changing, beautifully decorated, honorable and warm new home room, the cabinet has a great personality, has become a popular and fashionable .Range hood So, in many of the cabinet business of publicity and introduction to the rational analysis of how the so-called "personalized" and so on?


Rongshida brand double drum washing machine "temper" inexplicable explosion

       Xi'an: washing machine loses his temper rolling sound terrible inexplicable explosion

    Now lives,Range hood washing machines has become essential household appliances, but you know, washing machine loses his temper it is quite terrible. Mr. Xian Wei washing machine at home two days before it exploded.


Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail to provide the best solutions Gree

   After a three-stage test run, the total length of 1318 km of the "Land Speed" - the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail on June 30 to officially open to the public through. Then we will be able to take the maximum speed of 300 km, full with less than 5 hours of high-speed rail travel between Beijing and Shanghai,Range hood but also can enjoy the convenience of the Internet and cool 3G comfortable space.


Zhengzhou: appliance store sales start 3C Shucu stunts

    Although the concept has Shucu blur, but manufacturers and dealers are still not given up the traditional sales season. Entrance to an end, a variety of marketing activities carried on in full swing up.

    "Range hood Students drive incremental sales is quite obvious, with the front entrance than the mobile phone sales increased by about three percent." Henan Yongle Liu Lu, director of mining sales, said: "Compared with previous years,Range hoods these students generally select only with Andrews smart phones, and mobile entertainment value scalability, most of the selected price at 1,500 yuan to 2,000 yuan. "


Hot appliance sales service network do not worry

        Accustomed to online shopping, usually buy digital products, clothing, daily necessities, just click on open network like, I can easily get the money. Thus, small Ling decided to buy a hood to try, this time in Jingdong Mall the most famous home network share a large platform fancy this hood,Vent hoods is not only very attractive price and performance, the strength of the manufacturer consumer confidence and credibility is worth.


* ST triple lack of legal basis was rejected trademark battle

   The subject of much concern * ST triple triple Group trademark dispute with the recent conclusion of Jinan Intermediate People's Court, the Court rejected the claim * ST triple, to recognize the "triple" trademark owned by triple Group. During the 2-year-old "triple" trademark dispute over the results of the first access to justice.


Protection of housing construction is expected to bring positive growth appliance industry

    Second half of 2011, the "home appliances", "home appliances TM" and the stimulus out of expectations, a substantial increase in plate valuation difficult, demand growth in major home appliances have also been signs of slowing down, large home appliances segment difficult trend of investment opportunities.Range hood Relative to the exit influenced by the policies of large appliances, small kitchen appliances are expected to benefit from the protection of future housing demand driven focus to deliver significant growth, or is expected to usher in a high growth.

"System solution" Gree winning behind a large single centrifuge

    Who would not think of the 1990s has just started in China central air-conditioning industry, the only time you get more than a decade of vigorous development. In the meantime, Gree always uphold the "one-stop system solution," the concept of development, adhere to independent innovation as the development of doctrine,Range hood to go into in a number of domestic enterprises in the forefront of central air conditioning.