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Expert Tip: Do not overlook accessories product design standards

    Recently, Range hood an electrical Ninghai export to Japan a number of value of nearly $ 40,000 coffee mixer will be returned. Ninghai Inspection and Quarantine staff on-site investigation revealed that the reason for the return of goods is the enterprise in the design of products, failure to design battery standard battery compartment width, Range hoods resulting in customers not into the battery.


Nanning: U.S. top five brands to lead the country over the weekend binge "benefits"

  "Oh no, I have to buy more than 3,000 cell phone, buy a 42 inch TV Changhong was 3399 yuan?" Last week, Ms. Lee, who lives in Taoyuan Road, received a friend forwarded the "United States will be purchased by special," the message, expressed surprise. "Within the purchase will" Slim hoods by no means 'trouble Potamogeton', the event really is much cheaper than usual, such as a 42 inch Konka television, the day of purchase discount, coupled with on-site Island hood time offer $ 300 the final price of 3399 yuan! This weekend, we will once again Yongcheng people in Nanning, the United States seven stores will also host a buy, buy activities in addition to audience models have different levels of each category of benefits, Nanning official says the United States.


Security room, trade kitchen and industry to bring to market opportunities

  "Beyond redemption", Range hood someone described the kitchen industry. In home appliances, trade, energy subsidies to stimulate the good news continued when the appliance industry, kitchen and thriving industry has also ushered in a period of development. However, when this year began a new round of real estate control policies, the kitchen industry suffered a blow, though it is summer, kitchen business but feel the slightest chill.


United States semi-annual report profit growth of 300 million increase in salary expenditures

     Gome Slim hoods yesterday (8.29) released the interim results announcement, the Group's medium-term income 29.806 billion yuan, attributed the profit attributable to owners of parent company Island hood 1.252 billion yuan, an increase of 30.15%. Good performance driven by the United States shares rose 3.66% yesterday.


Domestic TV makers to follow suit Pad collective outlook is not optimistic about the influx of

       Pad with a popular flat-panel computer has the same shape, in addition to intelligent application also increased the TV function, you will buy a do? Recently, Hisense intelligent personal television, Skyworth and Konka television began to have appeared in the cloud. The phone, PC, Range hood TV function interconnection products truly become one of the three-screen product, also means the domestic color TV enterprises began to desire to declare war on television of the IT companies. However, the technology and content is really ready? This product in the end how much of the market? These questions led to the industry controversy.


E-commerce, "United States phenomenon."

   Gome Online Shopping Mall ( achieved sales of victory late at night benefit event for two Range hood hours that is easily exceeded 50 million, indicating the strong influence of the field network.


Internet store two hours another miracle 50 million

  Recently, concern Gome crazy 72 hours online store late at night benefit event at the home network share market, China had a tremendous influence on the market.     It is report

Japan's Sharp TV offering slimline wireless wall to seize market

   According to Range hood the Japan Broadcasting Association (NHK) website reported that since the promotion of digital terrestrial television broadcasting in Japan has been more Range hoods than the past month. Lead to a new wave of fear redemption machine sales decline, major Japanese electronics makers Sharp wall TV officially on sale,Cooker hoods and strive to open up new market demand.


Zhejiang Electric hundred people leapt to 2011 companies in the forefront

     Recently,Slim hoods Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Province, 2011 The Conference Board released a hundred companies, manufacturing hundred companies list, People Electric Appliance Group to 24.8 billion yuan of output value of 2011 ranked No. 25 hundred enterprises in Zhejiang Province, Island hood the first hundred manufacturing 16.


Zhu Hekang Italian electrical re-awarded "China Top Ten Brands air."

  Recently, the industry's top ten brands from China get the organizing committee at the good news: Well-known Trademark of China, China Top Ten Network (, this information network, Business Times, Range hood International Association of Chinese brands and co-hosted the 2011 release "Top Ten Chinese air" list alone, the Chinese famous brand "Kang meaning" list. This is a health following the 2010 Italian appliances won the "Top Ten Chinese air"Range hoods after another to receive this honor, the acquisition and recognition for two consecutive years, demonstrating "Sport means" brand strength.