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Home appliance market may not really cold down growth point still exist

Although many adverse factors objective existence, but it doesn't have to be pessimistic, support demand growth factors of rigid home appliance still exist, such as urbanization drive of the urban population increase, in the meantime, electrical home appliances products in 10 or so update is the peak period, all of these make updates become house electric appliance stable growth.


In 2012 China's household electrical appliance enterprise adjustment transformation effect analysis research

Since the second half since last year, household electrical appliance industry is by the steady real estate market weak and high inflation, all kinds of subsidies exit, and overseas market economic downturn the influence of factors, slack demand, market encounter cold, terminal sales data to slide. It also continued to the first quarter of this year. Recent home appliance in the listed company released a quarterly data in 2012 suggests that the industry situation is still serious, but not see hope, part of the home appliance enterprise encountering "winter" transition after the effect of adjustment began to appear,cyclone range hoods...