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Sweet "mother's day" will be large and medium-sized appliances to help you choose gifts


Passion of a small just over five long, sweet mother's day and will keep the and to, "who grass-inch heart, reported in the apartments." Every year at this time, a lot of people will buy a gift for mother tried to, now, to the mother as a festival gift has not only limited in flowers, clothing, daily necessities and so on, home appliance sells also hit in succession to attract female of "soft signs", reporters from large and medium-sized appliances home appliance sells to realize, will spend the weekend of digital, small home appliance, mobile phones, and many other category for mother's day will be on the special discount activity.


SuNingYi E18 may purchase the launch of the 400 million season and profits to the limit

As part of the 2012 China electric business has dark horse, SuNingYi purchase apparently have already are determined to keep fighting a price war. Last month, which launched a price war and after a hard-fought victory, SuNingYi purchasing executive vice President li bin May 8, announced on May 16-May 18 E18 may start the season large sales promotion, planned to 2 billion special offer our products and profits to the limit of 400 million, once again, comprehensive breakdown over the reserve price. He also said that, based on April the good results of price war and peer generally negative coping present situation, pacific range hood...