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Household electrical appliance industry: policy gradually exit investment logic will change

Investment points:

2012 is the year of transition home appliance adjustment

In 2012, household electrical appliance Range hood industry facing policy gradually exit, real estate going negative growth factors, is expected to fall growth industry. We think in this context industry needs certain adjustment period, home appliance enterprise will conduct transformation, industry will appear before the high growth pattern after low.


Push the warm electric heat loose bridge start saving energy subsidies preferential month

Cold wave hit, consumers of heater, humidifier, Range hood electric kettle and DouJiangJi and other products demand to multiply, the warm appliances sales leapt forward market. Domestic household appliances experts loose bridge ahead at time send force, in this date to January 4, the new energy subsidies during start-up preferential month, would lift the strength of warm storm.


The electric "layoffs storm" indicate home appliance has set up a file in the winter

In recent years has been to maintain high speed of white electricity giant growth midea group, has spread the news of the massive job cuts. Beauty appliances (000527) President FangHongBo foreign, responded that the parts to the sales company in order to deal with the external environment really in the contraction,Exhaust hoods but no beauty "organized", "have a specific quantitative index" of job cuts.


Su ning "double brand strategy" is the "Japanese" ground service

December 15,, suning appliance held in nanjing TongBaoHui media, has announced its China's first hymall shi LIFE square (LAOX LIFE) formal sitting hunan road nanjing business circle, and will be held on December 31, welcome to open the door. According to information, tesco's LIFE square (LAOX LIFE) nanjing galaxy 1 Slim hoods store area of nearly 20000 square meters, the product structure by the 3 C electrical appliances for the subject, the individual consumer goods for the leading, household home commodity Island hood for extensions, accumulative total more than 200000 pieces a like genuine, accounting for more than 30% of import goods than. Tesco's life square is not only provide the home appliance,Island hood but all the "Japanese" service and different shopping experience. The store opening also marks the su ning in domestic "double brand strategy" officially be born.


E-commerce trend to incoming home appliance chain started defense at the end of the year

 With the arrival of the era of e-commerce alumni record, e-commerce has become the first choice of consumer spending ways. So, home appliance online mall began to follow suit home appliance sells the marketing model, in different festivals release different promotion mode. In order to promotion,Slim hoods each everybody on the mall is to make all grid litigation. In just the past's day, data showed that during's day, taobao taobao mall, only "pay treasure"Vent hoods the total amount of the transaction is to break through 5.2 billion, equivalent to Hong Kong six days of the total retail sales. "Holiday effect", and "promotion effect" become household electrical appliance industry two key words, with Christmas, New Year's day approaching, the everyone's electricity chain enterprise has a fight, from the network shopping on race to win the cake.


Undergraduate electrical whole wei yu can wash out culture

Great China five thousand years history, a brick, idealds has its own story. And everyday life clean problems derived personal the wash culture, but also the broad and profound.

Ancient, take a shower is not only for personal Range hood clean sanitation, also as a etiquette, a kind of social morality is to comply. For example, receive a visitor, etc along its audience, first bath burning incense, to say piety and respect. Range hoods Such as "the analects of Confucius · xian asked" say: "Confucius bath and the". Confucius's political thought highly of Confucian is, so he strictly abide byCooker hoods , wash bath to see good governors, or go to sacrifice to the ancestors and gods. Lao tze also is very exquisite health, "chuang tzu · TianZiFang" account: once,Kitchen hood Confucius to see Lao tze had hit a Lao tze bath, covered with long hair, don't like a man, the Confucius a scare. China is a country with an ancient civilization, has a long tradition of health and customs. Ancient early has a regulation, fluctuation body bath towel should be separated. The · inside ceremonies.from "said:Exhaust hoods well, not in the total of bath." Here ethical reason, also has the clean health of meaning.


The $1 billion build wuhan electric base gravity life

From next makings, to the cooker molding off the assembly line, as long as one and a half hours.

December 12, morning, the $1 billion, Range hood 1 year after the time to build the life electrical wuhan industrial park and put into production, the first 3:1 thick bottom fry pan success off the assembly line, this marks a beautiful life first in the production of electric cooker primarily industrial base has put into operation.


Home appliance "to the old change new" countdown su ning multiple measures push

"I've heard that home appliance with old change new will soon expire, but my house for a long time to decorate, you say me is the drive home appliance with old change new bus?Slim hoods Or the sales promotion of New Year's day etc again during?" This is the author of a recent good friend Mr. Zhang real worry. However, in the home appliance sells shopping last weekend,Island hood Mr. Zhang finally stop entanglements, he said: "before New Year's day, early, or buy early assured missed opportunity policy".


The cooker wuhan base completion put into production sprint 2 billion capacity

On December 12, 2011, after a year's preparation, $1 billion yuan of wuhan industrial garden beautiful life appliances formal completion put into production. The park in the production of cooker products, this is also the largest cooker production bases. On that day, the first innovation beauty of 3:1 thick success fryRange hood pan referral.


Foreign brand in China do got home appliance stores can't do?

The message says, Europe's largest, the third of the consumer electronics retailers million in the city is speeding up sitting in China. It announced, will open in Shanghai's three million in the city store,Slim hoods store after opening, million in the city in China, the total number of reach 7 home.



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