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Sunfly Electric Main Products:Kitchen Hood,Range Hood,Range Hoods……

Geomantic turn by turns home appliance market black voltage too white electricity? home power grid original: white electric industry in the first two years can say limelight no two, driven to the country in home appliances policy, refrigerator washing machine won Range hood a sharp increase. In 2009-2010, refrigerator into the "high speed" era, but time into the 2011, the limelight of refrigerator plunged. But in black electricity market, Range hoods domestic enterprises saw the ray of hope.


Large-scale electric appliance retailer in the electronic commerce say YES or NO

On April 20,, as one of China's biggestRange hood electronics retailers of gome, with its its new finally joined the electronic commerce network store camps.

Gome's first appear online comes as China enterprise to user electronic commerce (business-to-consumer, hereinafter referred to as the B2C) provider of competitiveness in the period of rapid change,Range hoods industry observers believe, gome already arrives too late.


Hand in hand with buy group fight again south China made pu environmental protection electric lift the Iraq agitation

In December 2011, the eighth in hand hotel network activity came to south China again. hotel nets in hand activities successfully has been hold seven sessions, activity comprehensive coverage of east China, shandong and other regions, participate in dealers of more than five hundred people, Stainless steel hoods accumulative total sign the bill thousands of millions, of shares.


House electric appliance why "black home appliance" loss "white home appliance"?

In 2011, household electrical appliance industry development present a "uneven and" the situation, with air conditioning, as a representative of the "white home appliance" market sales are still strong, contrary to color TV, as a representative of the "black home appliance"Range hood appear a lot of performance to slide.


To old change new policy will be out of household electrical appliance industry or meet pains period

Home appliance enterprises into stock funds anxiety, experts say to get rid of for macroeconomic regulation and control policy dependent

For two years of home appliance with old change new policy into the countdown, face important pull policy "weaning", the dongguan household electrical appliance industry generallyVent hoods in anxiety among.


The cell phone market is expected to standard unified partition charger good languages

Small charger has become a major source of electronic waste, whether caused by the waste of resources or the hazard to the environment of social from all walks of life have been sufficient to cause the attention.

A few days ago, the work of the new rules on faith, Range hood provisions of the new censorship mobile phone no longer need to monitor charger. This means that mobile phone manufacturers in mobile phone sales in the future when no longer needed and charger binds a saleRange hoods . At the same time, it also means, on the market wide variety of cell phone charger will towards reunification.


Xi'an: household electrical appliances will be posted on class logo design

      Slim hoods Appliance product design, material properties and other "soft power" of the judge will have rules. Recently, reporters learned from the Chinese Academy of appliances, the hospital will introduce a "home appliances industrial design evaluation rules," according to this rule will be posted appraised Island hood of the corresponding product identification. Yesterday, the China Household Electric Appliance Research Institute Bing Xu Wei told reporters that the rule is on the safety of household Island hood electrical appliances, design,Chimney hoods ease of operation, materials, environmental protection, intellectual property and other assessment indicators in six areas. Assessment Tuiyou products will be posted "good design" or "good Design Award" two logos, before and after the start of this year's National Day label. At present,Glass hood this rule is not mandatory industry standards, but this appliance Institute will be extended to the entire industry-wide standard. At present, the technical appliances, energy saving and other aspects related industries have norms, but the design has been no assessment standards. Recently,Stainless steel hoods a trade organization released Vent hoods the "2011 annual customer satisfaction survey report on household appliances" to show that in 2011 consumer satisfaction with product design research projects Exhaust hoods all low. Which consumers are most dissatisfied with is the refrigerator product design, in addition, many domestic enterprises of washing machines exported to foreign Kitchen hood products have been complaining user experience is poor. Therefore, to further enhance product design and development, improve the production process is still the home appliance industry to work together.Cooker hoods Line will be extended to areas of sterilization products.


Haier steady increase in sales the first three quarters the future also play the "channel card"

      Ministry of Commerce recently released the latest home appliances sales data, in September 2011 were sold nationwide home appliance products, 9.08 million units, up, the chain grew 50% and 30%; the first nine months, the cumulative home appliances products sold 74.77 million units,Range hood up by 42%, of which sales of Haier Group ranked first. As Qingdao Haier Group is the integration of the white platform, which can be assumed, Qingdao Haier, a good third quarter results will increase.


U.S. decline in value of product price increases of raw materials is expected to recover margin

   Multiple interviews with reporters recently learned that the company benefited from the recent price rise of raw materials prices, the U.S. appliance is expected to increase in the first half of the third quarter, more than reversing the decline and increased profits.


Appliance sales in the fourth quarter or "blowout" after a substantial decline

  Reporters learned that the multi-data, "October" Golden Week steady growth year on year sales of home appliances, white goods in particular, faster growth rate. In home appliances and trade policies have in some cities due to the stimulation, the fourth quarter, consumer appliances is expected to focus on the release this data from the September home appliances has been verified, appliances under the September Rural sales rose over Liucheng.Slim hoods The analysts believe that the withdrawal of the policy did not affect sales of home appliances, launched the rural market based more on raising the level of income of rural residents.



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