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Nanjing residents to enhance community fire station fire monitoring capability

   In Qinhuai District Shuangqiao Village Community door edge, four red fire extinguisher in a row, very conspicuous, next to the fire helmet, gun, hose,Range hood hammer, horn, medical first aid kits and other fire and rescue equipment.


Foreign acquisition of domestic brands the same difference is that the market

   For domestic appliance brand, to enter globalization is the "everything is ready only a strong wind", and this critical "wind"Slim hoods is the network of sales channels. Acquisition of overseas brands has become a plausible way, Lenovo, TCL, etc. have been tried before, the recent acquisition of Haier and Sanyo in Japan and Southeast Asia more than one business. Foreign acquisitions of domestic appliances exceeded expectations.


2012 appliances situation unpredictable: black small electric growth pressures

   Chinese home appliance enterprises over the past two years, "Zhichou made, 不愁卖" the good old days no longer back up.

    Recently, specialized research institutions in the PRC, home appliances "issued by the first half of 2011, household appliances industry market analysis report" that "the home appliance industry in 2011 is too dull start to the adverse market reaction in the second quarter continued to ferment, resulting in the first half the overall performance of appliances Range hood is not to force the market from the market size and growth rate, the first half sales volume reached 612.3 billion yuan appliances, up 12.8% over last year, but last year the growth rate up to 23.9% decline compared to 11.1%. "


Demand for popular second-hand refrigeration appliance safety hazard concern

   In recent days, hot humid weather to refrigerators, air conditioners and other "cold consumption" rapid warming, but the high price of the refrigeration appliance shopping so many people off. To save money, many consumers had the second best,Slim hoods the sights hand goods market. According to the reporter visits to understand, due to second-hand appliance recycling and reuse in the process that there were irregularities, second-hand appliances security risks of concern.


Standards are being developed cloud computing will no longer be "foggy"

   Reporters from yesterday at the "Shanghai Forum on cloud computing technology and industry," noted National and Shanghai are actively developing cloud computing standards to improve the threshold, to help this hot new industry out of the virtual fire.Range hood The standard system to include sounds simple, but very complicated one: what is the true cloud computing.


Internet technology upgrades into the smart layout of the period's color TV industry

   With Internet TV "upgrade" the emergence of intelligent TV, catch on to the video industry has entered a new era, known as the TV industry in general this year the smart TV, "the first year." The face of imperfect rules and regulations, consumer awareness is not clear, and rich content creation is not yet solved the problem, China's home appliance industry needs to Range hood accelerate the establishment of industry standards, to strengthen cooperation between industry collaboration, resource sharing and enjoy each other,Range hoods reducing the resource development costs throughout the industry, to enhance enterprise competitiveness in the era of smart appliances.


Downturn in domestic dishwasher market development status remains to be seen

   In China, domestic dishwasher market is facing a huge potential market, but can not open Jiongju.

    Market Status: penetration rate of only 1%

    In the United States and Europe, the penetration rate of over 70% of the dishwasher, and even in some areas reached 80 percent,Slim hoods dishwasher and range hood, gas stove, as almost every family must have kitchen appliances. However, in China, the dishwasher is not the market has been opened.


Kitchen giant forest declared a Beijing high-profile market

    August 9, high-profile forest Beijing announced that it will fully expand the market, strengthen ties with the major chains, buildingRange hood materials and traditional shopping channels of cooperation for Beijing to provide consumers with more environmentally friendly, efficient, energy-saving Range hoods kitchen appliances.


White plate reorganization global rally crazy cool earth

    Lunar New Year Wednesday, August 10 July 11

    Lady nibbling small series going on: the sun in the sky photos, flowers smiled at me, said the early morning birds, why they go to work? Quack ... 9:00 daily all the time we go to work, a new day began, and today we have to work harder. Turn on the computer,Range hood read the news, on the home appliance industry are particularly concerned about the cheese at home can not forget the grid to see HC 9:00 am Oh.


To inject new blood Gree air-conditioning technology cast a hundred years with

  If the air conditioning compressor is the "heart", then the refrigerant is air-conditioned "the blood" and its importance for the air conditioning is evident. Air-conditioning industry is currently widely used refrigerant in, R22 on the ozone layer,Slim hoods but also the formation of the greenhouse effect. In recent years, with the green, green development momentum swing for the direct acceleration of the global environmental protection for air-conditioning refrigerant technology innovation and new product applications of alternative speed. As the "Montreal Protocol" of the signatory, China is the energy efficiency and low as a stepIsland hood by step, in accordance with provisions of the Protocol: a total ban by 2020 in developed countries will use the R22 refrigerant, scheduled for 2030, developing a full cessation of use R22 refrigerant agent. Refrigerant alternatives will involve the production of refrigeIsland hood ration and air conditioning products industry chain, air-conditioning industry will face a severe test.



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