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   August 11, 2011 will be Changhong CWB1 warrants (ticker 580027, exercise code 582 027) the last trading day, starting from August 12 to begin Changhong CWB1 suspension. The warrant is the right period of 2011 August 12 to August 18 between the five trading days.Range hood When the Sichuan Changhong than 2.79 yuan A-share stock price / share exercise price, warrant holders should choose the right line, and vice versa to giveRange hoods up the right line, right after the end of the line did not exercise the warrants will be canceled (voided). Gradually approaching the process of the exercise period,Cooker hoods the time value of Changhong CWB1 will quickly wear and tear, return to zero.


Chen received the United States respond to the indictment both silent

   Learned from the sources, Slim hoods the former chairman of Gome Group, in late July, Chen was formally issued by the court received its copy of the indictment Gome. United States of Chen's action, the Beijing Second Intermediate People's Court has accepted filing, the case is currently scheduled hearing date.


Midea acquired 51% open Lira U.S. business interests

   Midea (000 527) announced Range hood that the company intends to acquire the means to achieve Lira U.S. air operations have opened a 51% interest, open interest will continue to hold Range hoods 49% interest. Carrier with the Cooker hoods United States jointly operate and expand the air-conditioning business in Latin America, the transaction amount of approximately $ 220 million.


Small household appliances enterprises ought oligopoly or cause large price increases

  Recently, the industry 'single-product king,Island hood "said the nine Yang Co., Ltd., announced investments by 10 million to develop healthy leisure and tourism projects, investment in the industry Soymilk King so breathtaking. The recent series in the small appliance industry mergers and acquisitions led to the sector, Island hood "the collective desire of domestic small appliance turn" of the question --- According to media reports, is the Pentium M will enter the golf business appliances, reduction of parking after the Soviet Union Seoul and ran the family estate to go, backgammon afterChimney hoods stripping small appliances will focus on mobile phone business. In response, industry experts believe that the merger integration of the final result is that only a few small appliance group to survive. While consumers worry about the small appliance industry ushered Glass hood in the era of oligopolistic competition, the small household electrical appliances will cause large price increases.


In the first half sales increased only one appliance into the market slowdown

    Appliance industry,Range hood research institutions in the PRC, a report released yesterday, the first half of the national appliance market, sales volume reached 612.3 billion yuan, Range hoods up 12.8% year on year growth rate down 11.1 percentage points.


Hitachi announced that it would outsource all television production operations

    Hitachi 3 announced, by a drop in demand and fierce price competition and other factors, to be in March next year before all theRange hood TV production outsourcing to foreign manufacturers.


Restructuring plan under the huge loss of market or Chengri manufacturers China straw

    Recently, the Japanese electronics companies have announced fiscal 2011 first quarter (April-June) earnings, a dismal performance. Although the first half of this year, China's home appliance market, the overall growth rate is slowing, but compared to developed markets, is still worth the wait, or will become the savior of the Japanese home appliance companies.


Asked to buy less 3D TV down three percent over seven months

   The average price of 16,000 yuan from the beginning to the current average price of 10,000 yuan, just seven months, 3D television fell 37.5%. Range hood Prices also contributed to a substantial increase in sales, 3D TV market share is growing, but by new sources such limitations, 3D TV is still difficult in the short term to become the market mainstream.


Industrial robot industry market growth trend of things into

   According to South Korean robot industry association statistics, last year the robotics industry output value reached 1.7848 trillion won (equivalent to 10.9 billion yuan), an increase of 74.9%. The market size in terms of sales to 1.9336 trillion won,Slim hoods an increase of 97.3%.

Free consumer appliances do not address him free installation can not afford injuries

  Spend thousands of dollars to buy air conditioners home, on-site installation was told that the plug should be charged $ 50 fee; to buy a new water heater,Range hood installing high-pressure pipe, exhaust pipes, etc. everything must go out and buy ... ... the public to buy appliances when the discount and can often delight, but happy after they found the process of installing appliances, but also a number of accessory equipment to be charged fees, so doing, did not enjoy any preferential equal. In recent years, household appliances industry,Range hoods this "second charge" phenomenon spread, much as the "norm" of the situation, consumers can not afford to address him by injury.



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