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House electric appliance growth started to show New Deal could bring spring?

The everyone's electricity giant of recently released 2011 earnings showed China's house electric appliance after the 2010 a nearly 10 years never appear growth situation, as the second half to the country, energy saving huimin engineering home appliances and home appliance with old change new three stimulating domestic demand policy of gradually exit, the domestic household electrical appliance industry growth also began showing signs.


2012 commercial air conditioning development space is still huge

In 2011 the central air condition market high growth. 2011 year China central air conditioning industry total capacity of the first time exceeded 50 billion, reach 57.5 billion yuan, and the entire annual industry growth of 28.2%. And the beauty appliances in 2011 year the central air conditioning market share up to 13.4%, 55.3% growth rate, gree electric appliances central air conditioning in 2011 year's market share up to 11.4%, a 55.6% growth rate.


Gree electric appliances sword billions in 2012 to sales target

Gree electric appliances released the 2011 performance bulletin. The report shows that in 2011, gree electric appliances realize business income is 83.595 billion yuan RMB, a 37.48% growth year; Net profit of 5.245 billion yuan, increased by 22.67% year-on-year, continue to maintain steady growth. This performance also makes the gree electric appliances for seven years become a global sales of air conditioning industry champions.


Low voltage electrical industry in our country external management environment analysis

In 2011, according to the census bureau preliminary estimates, annual investment in the fixed assets 301932.85 one hundred million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 23.8%, growth over the reduced by 0.8%, and the annual national investment in real estate development year-on-year growth of 27.9%, are in different degrees of fall back. Power, Chinese society stable and rapid growth in electricity, generating capacity year-on-year growth of 9.4%, the national power construction completed investment with the same flat. Among them, the power engineering construction completed investment fell 6.49% from the previous year, the electric grid construction completed investment of 6.77% increase from the previous year. In 2011, the priorities, south nets were investment of RMB 85 billion for rural reform, security room actual working plan is completed two thirds of 10 million sets.


Household appliances power technology and market development situation

With China's economy and the rapid development of technology, intelligent home appliance product variable frequency power to the rapid growth in recent years. 2011 frozen annual household air conditioning industry can terminal sale scale 49.19 million units, up by 34.4%, with frequency conversion air conditioning terminal sales for 17.56 million sets, an increase of 112.2%. Frequency conversion air conditioning account for 35.7% of the market share of air conditioning, and in Japan market frequency conversion air conditioning already accounted for more than 70% market. Domestic mainstream air conditioning brand such as gree, beautiful, glanze, etc, are large enterprise into frequency conversion air conditioning market, the author put forward three years to stop fixed frequency production, general main frequency conversion; Gree puts forward five years for variable frequency replace frequency; Glanze air conditioning at the start of 2011 is ready to fully eliminated four category five frequency conversion,curved glass range hood...

Dangdang network in the country DianQiCheng will in 25 new official online

March 21,, dangdang network announced his new DianQiCheng online (that is, in the country after DianQiCheng channel) date for the March 25, when consumers will see new home page in dangdang network of "gome" channel.

It is reported that the cooperation is not the goods on the simple meaning assigned, gome will help the whole category in dangdang, dangdang network will also provide exclusive channel for gome page, consumers in gome offline store can be purchased in the goods when will all available online. And the two sides promise household appliances,chinese range hood digital will toward the "over the lowest price" the direction of development, after each quarter in a month, will hold a sharp depreciate sales promotion activity.


Low voltage electrical upstream industry PVC excess capacity recession

As low voltage electric appliance industry one of the industry of thermoplastic PVC (polyvinylchloride, PVC) and steel, timber, cement and said four basic building materials, and PP, PE, ABS, PS said five general resin and output and consumption are at the top. In the architecture field of widely used all kinds of profiles, pipes, and power system of wires and cables, agricultural use hoses, medical equipment, with a blood transfusion medical gloves are all derived from the PVC. Can say, PVC in the production and living areas everywhere, and economic development situation closely linked. At present, China has become the world's first big PVC producer and consumer. But, in these two behind the first in China, is the PVC capacity has five consecutive years of demand is nearly 2 times, in other words, PVC production enterprise average about 50% of the capacity of long-term "unemployment".kitchen exhaust range hood...

Home appliance and heating in the goods and services respectively of complaints to the top of the agenda

In 2011, the consumer association at all levels dealt with 4896 pieces of consumer complaints, for the consumer to recall the economic loss of 6.095 million yuan. In the commodity complaints, household electronics categories and take complaints, 1267 pieces of goods in the first complaint; Service complaints 1074 pieces, heating service rank high on the list.


Hisense TV: China color television brand of retail share first

A few days ago, and the authority of China from the global market research institutions in GFK and satisfying kang have announced the 2011 year China main brand TV market retail share, hisense TV takes the market share of the Chinese market first.


315 kitchen electric industry survey: after-sales service high praise rate dropped more than twenty percent

2012 netease household special planning "315 household enterprise service survey". Two weeks of survey results show that hutch defends electrical industry straight home industry after-sales service,hood the championship was 10 household industry only one of an average of more than 80 points of industry, it serves to show household electrical appliance industry customer service system is still worth other household industry and learn from it. But this year the hutch defends the index of home appliance industry than all fell last year.



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