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The rise and fall of kitchen electric power transformation high-end mission accomplished

House electric appliance winter incoming frequently, even of the kitchen always strong power market downturn also suffered embarrassing.

A few days ago, following the global LCD panels show giant LGDisplay in China in the joint venture factory xiamen were suspended, nanjing factory one thousand strike and challenge, has always been in the domestic market of the kitchen electric appliance strong industry also appeared for the first time the market the fate of falling sales. In the latest satisfying kang monitoring data shows: 2011-1 November, our country lampblack machine market retail decline 4.91% year-on-year,Vent hoods kitchen burning gas market retail decline 4.07% year-on-year. However, the reporter sees, bringing down electricity in the kitchen behind, but retail sales were 3.49% and 1.6% of the appeared positive growth.


Home appliance is becoming increasingly fierce blow jobs the storm positive transformation can for the winter

A year ago, size of billions, domestic white electricity giant level of beauty appliances release soaring, five years to create another beautiful. But one year later today,Stainless steel hoods it and about a stir of job cuts storm, shocked was quiet home appliance market.


Su ning electric equipment company executives paid 200 million around 0.34% equity stake

Su ning electric equipment (002024 SZ) today (on January 13, 2012) notice revealed, recently the 16 executives investment of nearly 200 million yuan, the company take nearly 0.34% of the equity.

On December 12, 2011, suning appliance vice chairman,Slim hoods President SunWeiMin received jinming, vice President MengXiangSheng, vice President RenJun and part of the core management personnel's notice, plan within one month in the future, with total does not exceed 200 million yuan to the stock of the company around, Island hood increasing by raising funds needed for the management.


"Oscar" electrical terminals brand new age China win the future

"Electric new age brand win the future" 2011 China electrical ten big brands award prize-giving grand ceremony in 2012 January 12,, in the sponsored "" awards ceremony was held in Beijing diaoyutai state guesthouse. The award ceremony of multiple awards were announced. China electric field,Exhaust hoods authoritative experts heavyweight brand research experts, nearly hundred top brand, the industry mainstream media elite, and gather for the common witness China electrical industry leading enterprise for a year of hard efforts of the glory of the light radiate moment. The" China famous brand award "known as China's industry," Oscar ", is by the electrical industry a nets, with annual brand index as the core basis, comprehensive market survey,Vent hoods the user feedback and expert evaluation to produce, and according to the score for awards ranking." China electric brand award "is divided into ten big brands award and awards, were awarded to in the field of industry brand electrical achievement prominent ten brand and a single performance outstanding brand.


Pepsi Thai inverter and happy life good helper

Pepsi Thai inverter and happy life good helper

With the improvement of people's living standard, the car has gained popularity, portable electrical appliances with the application of more and more widely. Portable electric battery capacity problem,Range hood but also many of the most attention if one subject. Range hoods From the industry to realize, inverter is a direct current into an alternating current device, can let you in the car use a variety of portable electric appliances, is long and ZiJiaYou, proper thing.


Standards need to be perfected household water purification industry development is still being norms

"The standard system is not sound makes water purifiers market good and evil people mixed up, fake and inferior products are endless. This not only severely harm the interests of consumers,Range hood also harm the industry and its image. Water purifiers spare parts, raw materials, the national standards and trade standards and water production, testing and maintenance of the standard set has become a top priority." In national (private) camp economy research water purification industry commission (hereinafter referred to as the water industry committee) the deputy secretary-general of the electric "TangJianXing reporter said.


5 base layout overseas beauty appliances steadily accelerated globalization

This time, the electric chess for India.Slim hoods As the electric 2012 international first one, the fifth largest overseas base will be built in India, this be the beauty appliances accelerate the layout of the overseas another important signal, will boost the robust to realize "1025" period "rebuilding the beautiful" objectives.


Dialogue electrical appliances chain: black electricity price lower air conditioning is still bullish

The dongguan three big home appliance chain in handing over the last year how a transcript? What are the window for home appliance retail industry, add the brightness grace? Home applianceRange hood is worth this year trend? Traditional home appliance will you encounter an unprecedented "winter"? The New Year is DiuZuBaoChe or inverse city expansion?


Beautiful patterns of electric shares lifted 7 agencies FuKui nearly 400 million yuan

This day (January 11,), the rhombohedrons appliances (000521, closing price of 4.53 yuan) 93.3852 million shares of shares by ban circulation, accounting for 14.67% of the total equity of the company. However, in 2011 after a year of low prices, beauty rhombohedrons electric shares fell more than 50%,Slim hoods at the outset of RMB 10.28 per share price has a few be additional ks.


2011 year China household electrical appliances industry summit grand start home by the grid "of 2011 year China household electrical appliances industry summit" in January 11, 2012 official start, poll also begin at the same time. The contestant enterprise will accept the network, mobile phone short message, net silver vote, the public investigation and expert vote, Vent hoods winners will be through the expert committee formally released after the review.



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