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Remind: winter popular home appliance save leakage burns hidden trouble

The weather was cold, electric warming handbags, Range hood wind warm type, light warm type indoor electric heater etc product sells well, but the quality and safety issues in danger. City pledges inspect bureau yesterday announced Range hoods on a batch of winter best-selling life appliances and special supervise selective examination results, electric heat warm hand implement selective examination 40 batch, unqualified 16 batch, Cooker hoods percent of pass is only sixty percent; 42 batch indoor heater random inspection by, there are 4 batch did not pass.


Waste small home appliance still need to handle business gradually hot great wisdom

The mobile phone, camera, eliminated and computers and other electronic products in addition to sell to the street vendors the waste, where else can handle the waste? This year two meetings in "period", GuoLianXi, such as ZhuJing committee proposal, the our city should perfect the electronic waste recycling and disposal system.Slim hoods In the community residents' committees in the building or the supermarket, a convenience store establish "electronic waste recycling point", established electronic waste recycling special fund, strengthen to the electronic junk, and other special waste disposal collector of law enforcement.


Gome sued ChenXiao tort says the case optimistic

January 5, morning, gome electrical appliances (00493 HK) sued gome board chairman of ChenXiao before a case, the second in the intermediate people's court in session.

In the court trial site, entrusted by gome executiveRange hood director for representatives to attend the ZouXiaoChun; Defence ChenXiao did not attend, but assigned two lawyer present.


To old change new policy end old electric appliances recovery or will reduce the price

"To the old change new" policy for more than a year, has stimulated home appliance sales, with the policy running and in the future the old home appliance "way out" seems to be the only recovery way. Ordinary consumers of the skin of head at the same time, the old electric appliance recycling business but of comfortable tone, Slim hoods in their view, a time to home appliance recycling is difficult,Island hood "to the old change new after this or will change. And, in the collection price is also expected to fall after a period of time.


3D 3D TV channel launch to find the "confidence" to increase sales

   Into the twelfth lunar month, many people began to busy years. To buy food to buy to wear Needless to say, there are many people who want to buy before the Spring Festival a big TV style. Recently, reporters learned appliance stores in the provincial capital, TV has become a catch-all other electrical appliance stores sales leader.


Invest billions of dollars! Midea million in India and then by building capacity

  August last year, Kelly has just acquired the air conditioning business in Latin America 51% stake in Midea (000,527, closing price of 12.17 yuan), after a lapse of five months Zaidufali, Range hood the company said today (January 9, 2012) announced that is planning to invest billions of dollars of funds, investment of 100 million units in India, production capacity, further develop the Indian market.Range hoods Think of for "TM", "home appliances" such as overdraft in advance good policy and market demand, household electrical appliance enterprises to survive this difficult environment, the reality of the situation, Midea's overseas expansion, or an inevitable option.


Five "first"-a generator and miracle of big business

The rapid development of science and technology to people living bring great convenience, combined with the sensors, intelligent study, the clouds a new generation of science and technology of the emerging science and technology, and a lot of new type of household electrical appliances accessories in shape to look like toys,Exhaust hoods but it can real observation and affect the life of people, provide intelligent energy-saving modern life environment.


Gome ChenXiao lawsuit case a week after the retrial had to pay 10 million break-up fee

This day (jan. 5, 2012) 9 30, gome as the plaintiff and the chairman of the board ChenXiao once on thin in court, court cases through about two and a half hours later, the Beijing municipal ErZhongYuan announced a week so that both sides case extend to collect evidence.


Su ning took the lead in the 100's flagship store access 3 D channel signals

Our country the first 3 D television channel has been in since New Year's day experiment test broadcasts, formal broadcast during the Spring Festival, a year, 3 D TV came the "good" news. According to electrical appliances chain giant su ning electric equipment relevant controller introduces, this year 3 D TV sales will appear a sharp increase in the first wave of consumption boom to come before the New Year comes, su ning electric equipment is already planning 100 flagship store house takes the lead in access 3 D channel signal, and a 3 D TV to put forward a number of special activities, Chimney hoods sales promotion efforts unprecedented.


Payment by installment buy home appliance to get rational consumption

And to the year end, everywhere to spend money, have on hand immediately tight. Then if you are a super DaBing liquid crystal TV, have a kind of hope "machine" were left feeling useless regrets. In fact, for now, many financial institutions of the appliances are in full swing in consumer credit business, as long as you have a liking for, be the first to a penny don't pay, home delivery, and payment by installment, still no interest rate, no service charge.Exhaust hoods Some consumers taste "month pay one hundred yuan look big color TV" miley, highly recommend home appliance credit consumption mode; There are many consumers that "there is no free lunch", the home electrical appliance credit consumption cautious attitude.



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