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A group of suspected fake bengbu seized the rhombohedrons brand such as electric products

The festival market for purification, ensure that holiday market prosperity and stability and security of the consumer safety during the festival, so that the people a trust and satisfaction festival. City industrial and commercial bureau according to ShengJu "striking the special I date" the work plan for action, Range hood combined with the city's actual, seize the hot commodities, will with the masses of the production, life of small home appliance closely related festivals such as the key commodities the object, Range hoods the centralism develops to make false move, security festival consumption during the safety, ensure that the city's holiday market prosperity and stability, make the people a trust and satisfaction festival.


Power management semiconductor market growth would slow

According to IHSiSuppli company of the power management market research report, because consumer spending overall go soft and Japan march earthquake in supply chain interrupt,Vent hoods 2011 power management semiconductor market growth rate will be slower than expected.


The future China market growth forecast of the low voltage circuit breaker

Through to the Chinese low voltage circuit breaker market nearly four years of study, released in 2011 the fourth with a product, report-the 2011 China low voltage circuit breaker market research report, Range hood the report data shows: in 2010 the Chinese low voltage circuit breaker total market scale is 33.3 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 19%.


To old change new end consumers didn't order before frank

"I kui! Only sent a day, will miss home appliance with old change new subsidies!" Yesterday (January 2) afternoon, in the city of a victory on the way home appliance sells, Glass hood ms xu citizens from the department that staff, "to the old change new" policy promotion implementation deadline is December 31, 2011. This means that, she just watching TV in less than 10% of enjoy before "old change new" subsidies. Reporters in the interview to realize, New Year's day holiday shopping small home appliance sells the citizens, many still consulting home appliance "to the old change new" matters, but are like ms xu, get the policy Stainless steel hoods has suspended reply.


Electrical warehouse fire emergency fire extinguishing zunyi five squadron

1. 2, when night 21 32 points, the fire team 119 command center receives masses alarm: say HuiChuan area is located in shenyang north road add Yang village a electric warehouse fire,Slim hoods the fire is bigger, spread quickly. To call the police,Island hood fire team zunyi command center has sent 119 urban five squadron 14 sets, and more than 80 officers and soldiers fire engines to fight with and through all the officers and Island hood soldiers of the joint effort, the fire more than ten minutes in effectively controlled. Then all officers and the single ember and Yin ran to the comprehensive material cleaning, after more than one hour to save,Chimney hoods fire on that day when evening and 35 points was completely put out. To be on the safe side, do no risk at all, leaving the site squadron power care, until there is no confirmation in the warehouse) may,Glass hood when 23 50 points, all fire fighters arrived to retreat from the site.


The policy end two giant home appliance interlinks confrontation increasingly intensified

Home appliance with old change new in December 31, 2011 over, late last year in the supermarket queue to consumers with old change new activities of the scene, seen by some as the last of the crazy.Range hood But in 2011, home appliance retail giants gome already out of civil war shadow, and the rapid expansion route; Su ning merger LAOX Japan officially into the domestic market, su ning double brand expansion began. Two people in traditional channels electric chain speed expansion at the same time, Cooker hoods they began to take the fight to the emerging e-commerce fuel. In 2012, no policy pulling, household electrical appliance industry will be property market after a far under the industry?


There, the GongYi such as lang springs "brand, product, customer" led by home power grid launched industry core customer (pearl river delta) depth exchange meeting customers pay attention to by industry. December 28, 2011 at four in the afternoon,Range hood in the shunde branch multifunction meeting held again. Travis lang, hefei from small home appliance, by rongshida group in beautiful minister (springs the world), good life, century delong,Range hoods south rhombohedrons electronics, electrical appliances, and popularize the newsletter appliances, shenzhen sensitive jie and 10 enterprise controller to attend the meeting.Cooker hoods The meeting all 2011 event, e-commerce industry future development and "brand, product, customer" three driver management model of key topic further communication.


Gome "New Year marketing" New Year detonated home appliance market

Year-end, home appliance market sales a fervent, many had to buy appliances next year of consumers in the business before the preferential, choose the consumption in advance. Meanwhile, Stainless steel hoods over two years of home appliance with old change new policy is to end with 31, gome stores to deal with to old change the citizens of new subsidies than usual jumped several times over.


Gree electric appliances extension air conditioning product testing field deep cooperation new mileage

December 28,, zhuhai gree electric appliances Co., LTD and leading global provider of third party quality and safety services Intertek tensho group in zhuhai held a "satellite program-level 4 and" opening ceremony, Slim hoods announced the gree electric appliances get Intertek "satellite program" the highest level certified.


SANYO brand retreat city home appliance more brand strategy has unknown

On hand to have more than one brand of home appliance enterprise who is more widely and good, or fewer but better?

A few days ago, is located in the Japanese Osaka prefecture keep mouth city SANYO motors at the headquarters building of the "SANYO" mark has been torn down. Since January 2012, Exhaust hoods panasonic and sanyo will begin restructuring and integration work, 4 month sanyo brand will disappear. At the same time, SONY in the completion of the joint venture SONY Ericsson shares the acquisition,Vent hoods also confirmed that in 2012 to give up "SONY Ericsson" brand.



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