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Sunfly Electric Main Products:Kitchen Hood,Range Hood,Range Hoods……

In 2012, low voltage electric appliance market will have MengJin development

Low pressure electric appliance is a kind of can according to outside signals and requirements, manually or automatically connected, disconnect the circuit, in order to the electric circuit or object of switching, control, protection, detection, and transform and adjust the components or equipment. Control electric appliance to the level of the voltage to ac 1200 V and 1500 V dc boundary can be divided for high voltage and low voltage electrical control control electric appliance two kinds big. In general, low voltage electric appliance can be divided into distribution appliances and control electric appliance two kinds big, is complete electrical equipment in the basic components. In industry, agriculture, transportation,Kitchen hood...

Low voltage electrical need to constantly upgrade technology product development ability

Low pressure electric appliance market as the electric power facilities and gradually expand, both at home and abroad in recent years of low voltage electric appliance needs are generally are in extended state, however, in the low pressure electric appliance market good development and at the same time, enterprises lack of independent research and development capacity, and lack of high-end market competitiveness.


The first half of 2012 relay markets may supply

At present, each relay of the manufacturer of the product to high performance, high precision and miniaturization direction. Facing the increasing improvement of the terminal market expectations, further reduce the cost and improve product stability is the biggest challenge of the relay manufacturers. Believe, in the near future,Cooker hoods...

Kitchen electric consumption two big trends: healthy environmental protection brand first

With the high end in kitchen electric equipment are in strong, "integral kitchen", "integration kitchen", "hutch electricity integration" and other new concepts, new product emerge in endlessly, the integration of the main healthy environmental protection kitchen products also arises at the historic moment. The birth of the new kitchen electric equipment and consumers' rational consumption idea, the product is environmental protection, whether there is a famous brand, has become consumers choose kitchen electric chief consideration, buy "for" the product has become the vast number of consumers in the heart of the standard.


And smoke, the kitchen, back into the brand attention top 3 armour

According to the first domestic Internet consumption research center (hereinafter referred to as ZDC) recently released 2011 year China home appliance market research the annual report, oil absorption, kitchen burning gas, alexipharmic ark three categories of products brand attention and are listed in the top three before, is hutch cable industry mainstream product has gone hand in hand before the only brand into three, at the same time, and gas water heater brand attention being the first rank.


Hisense TV: China color television brand of retail share first

A few days ago, and the authority of China from the global market research institutions in GFK and satisfying kang have announced the 2011 year China main brand TV market retail share, hisense TV takes the market share of the Chinese market first.


ShangPu consultation: analytical low-voltage future development direction

Low voltage electrical appliances in China's 50 years of history, since 2000, the low pressure electric appliance made breakthrough progress, low voltage electric appliance also from simply assembly, imitate manufacture to independent design and research and development. At present, China's production of low-voltage products nearly 1000 series, the value of about 20 billion yuan.


Gome: efficient logistics system foundation

Data shows, the country has already achieved all the logistics coverage, and logistics distribution fastest, most powerful distribution. In 2011, gome and haier, samsung, sanyo, LG, summer popularity at home and abroad, such as the famous brand of cooperation agreement signed span more than, in demand forecasting, research and development, production, Range hood...

Switching power supply industry wide market to force household appliances "wisdom" made

On March 2, 2012-4, zhongshan city economy and information by the bureau of zhongshan huangpu town, people's government and the host, from the house of the power grid 7 th Chinese small home appliance fair in guangdong zhongshan huangpu international exhibition center is held ceremoniously.Range hood The 7 th exhibition in a total of 600 small home appliance enterprises exhibitors, up 28% from the same period. In the professional audience, from home state grid general manager metaphor forecast,Slim hoods the exhibition will be more than 40000 dealers, agents invited to zhongshan huangpu, with many household electrical appliance industry event. Below are zhongshan handsome too electric appliance Co., LTD marketing deputy director Mr. Bell period days accept from the interview of home network. The following text for interview record:


Handsome too clock period day: marketing mode change to win more market

With domestic electric power construction level enhancement,Range hood and low voltage electrical production technology unceasing development, with intelligent, communication as the main feature of a new generation of low pressure electric appliance will become a high grade product.



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