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Invest billions of dollars! Midea million in India and then by building capacity

  August last year, Kelly has just acquired the air conditioning business in Latin America 51% stake in Midea (000,527, closing price of 12.17 yuan), after a lapse of five months Zaidufali, Range hood the company said today (January 9, 2012) announced that is planning to invest billions of dollars of funds, investment of 100 million units in India, production capacity, further develop the Indian market.Range hoods Think of for "TM", "home appliances" such as overdraft in advance good policy and market demand, household electrical appliance enterprises to survive this difficult environment, the reality of the situation, Midea's overseas expansion, or an inevitable option.


Five "first"-a generator and miracle of big business

The rapid development of science and technology to people living bring great convenience, combined with the sensors, intelligent study, the clouds a new generation of science and technology of the emerging science and technology, and a lot of new type of household electrical appliances accessories in shape to look like toys,Exhaust hoods but it can real observation and affect the life of people, provide intelligent energy-saving modern life environment.


Gome ChenXiao lawsuit case a week after the retrial had to pay 10 million break-up fee

This day (jan. 5, 2012) 9 30, gome as the plaintiff and the chairman of the board ChenXiao once on thin in court, court cases through about two and a half hours later, the Beijing municipal ErZhongYuan announced a week so that both sides case extend to collect evidence.


Su ning took the lead in the 100's flagship store access 3 D channel signals

Our country the first 3 D television channel has been in since New Year's day experiment test broadcasts, formal broadcast during the Spring Festival, a year, 3 D TV came the "good" news. According to electrical appliances chain giant su ning electric equipment relevant controller introduces, this year 3 D TV sales will appear a sharp increase in the first wave of consumption boom to come before the New Year comes, su ning electric equipment is already planning 100 flagship store house takes the lead in access 3 D channel signal, and a 3 D TV to put forward a number of special activities, Chimney hoods sales promotion efforts unprecedented.


Payment by installment buy home appliance to get rational consumption

And to the year end, everywhere to spend money, have on hand immediately tight. Then if you are a super DaBing liquid crystal TV, have a kind of hope "machine" were left feeling useless regrets. In fact, for now, many financial institutions of the appliances are in full swing in consumer credit business, as long as you have a liking for, be the first to a penny don't pay, home delivery, and payment by installment, still no interest rate, no service charge.Exhaust hoods Some consumers taste "month pay one hundred yuan look big color TV" miley, highly recommend home appliance credit consumption mode; There are many consumers that "there is no free lunch", the home electrical appliance credit consumption cautious attitude.


A group of suspected fake bengbu seized the rhombohedrons brand such as electric products

The festival market for purification, ensure that holiday market prosperity and stability and security of the consumer safety during the festival, so that the people a trust and satisfaction festival. City industrial and commercial bureau according to ShengJu "striking the special I date" the work plan for action, Range hood combined with the city's actual, seize the hot commodities, will with the masses of the production, life of small home appliance closely related festivals such as the key commodities the object, Range hoods the centralism develops to make false move, security festival consumption during the safety, ensure that the city's holiday market prosperity and stability, make the people a trust and satisfaction festival.


Power management semiconductor market growth would slow

According to IHSiSuppli company of the power management market research report, because consumer spending overall go soft and Japan march earthquake in supply chain interrupt,Vent hoods 2011 power management semiconductor market growth rate will be slower than expected.


The future China market growth forecast of the low voltage circuit breaker

Through to the Chinese low voltage circuit breaker market nearly four years of study, released in 2011 the fourth with a product, report-the 2011 China low voltage circuit breaker market research report, Range hood the report data shows: in 2010 the Chinese low voltage circuit breaker total market scale is 33.3 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 19%.


To old change new end consumers didn't order before frank

"I kui! Only sent a day, will miss home appliance with old change new subsidies!" Yesterday (January 2) afternoon, in the city of a victory on the way home appliance sells, Glass hood ms xu citizens from the department that staff, "to the old change new" policy promotion implementation deadline is December 31, 2011. This means that, she just watching TV in less than 10% of enjoy before "old change new" subsidies. Reporters in the interview to realize, New Year's day holiday shopping small home appliance sells the citizens, many still consulting home appliance "to the old change new" matters, but are like ms xu, get the policy Stainless steel hoods has suspended reply.


Electrical warehouse fire emergency fire extinguishing zunyi five squadron

1. 2, when night 21 32 points, the fire team 119 command center receives masses alarm: say HuiChuan area is located in shenyang north road add Yang village a electric warehouse fire,Slim hoods the fire is bigger, spread quickly. To call the police,Island hood fire team zunyi command center has sent 119 urban five squadron 14 sets, and more than 80 officers and soldiers fire engines to fight with and through all the officers and Island hood soldiers of the joint effort, the fire more than ten minutes in effectively controlled. Then all officers and the single ember and Yin ran to the comprehensive material cleaning, after more than one hour to save,Chimney hoods fire on that day when evening and 35 points was completely put out. To be on the safe side, do no risk at all, leaving the site squadron power care, until there is no confirmation in the warehouse) may,Glass hood when 23 50 points, all fire fighters arrived to retreat from the site.



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