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Deep konka A premium transfer the arctic ocean electrical 60% equity stake

From Shanghai property right exchange to released information displays that deep konka A public listing mudanjiang the arctic ocean electric appliance Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Range hood the arctic ocean appliances,") 60% equity, the transfer price for 43.2222 million yuan. At the same time, the arctic ocean the other shareholders appliances holding also plan to proprietary mudanjiang city with 28.8148 million yuan transfer of their 40% equity, two project must be united transfer.


Hefei sanyo play by rongshida group led a wrongly-directed mind the strong dissatisfaction

Panasonic for sanyo in China to the action of hefei sanyo face no brand use embarrassing position.

According to the reporter understands, Range hood hefei sanyo start more brand management strategy actually out of helpless, hefei sanyo signed earlier "sanyo" trademark use agreement to expires in 2013, so the current domestic market sanyo has temporarily not disappear washing machine. But the public relations section of Panasonic Christopher LiM recent foreign revealed the, Range hoods the company will put its all consumer product brand name unified for Panasonic (Panasonic), it also means the Panasonic brand of purchase to sanyo were dumped in, the specific time is the next year in April,Cooker hoods hefei sanyo in trademark agreement expires renewed have been up in the air.


The leakage of the fire alarm system overload current algorithm implemented

Abstract: the leakage fire alarm system also called residual current alarm system, through the detection circuit of the size of the leakage current to judge the possibility of fire,Slim hoods and thus be able to prevent fire happened early, have with existing fire system complement each other the important role. According to the actual situation of the power supply system, based on the proportion of continuous overload current factor scheduling algorithm, considering the overload the long time delay, Island hood overload the short time delay and short circuit differences, further improve control algorithm, make this kind of control algorithm is suitable for in this system the promotion. Through field experiment and time verification, the time delay of specifications for the scheduling algorithm can overload current reflect actual situation, Island hood a more satisfactory to achieve overload current control.


A New Year's day end office su ning and super group buying offer ends major

Recently, the national commerce ministry spokesman said according to the 2010 home appliance with old change new promotion plan, home appliance with old change new policy is tentatively set for December 31, 2011 over. By this policy is about to expire, the effects of the expected at the end of December will appear consumer rob take policy "bus" phenomenon, lifted the consumption of the home appliance market heat. December 26, Range hood is China's largest electrical appliances chain enterprise, su ning electric equipment 21 th anniversary celebrations, founded, su ning electric equipment nationwide nearly 1700 stores would linkage promotion,Range hoods make 2011's most thick feast. At the appointed time, su ning electric equipment will roll out across multiple profits to the plan, the gathering many domestic a line home appliance brand joint profits, and contribute to the general consumers.


Corner stone: faith to build the foundation of management of love

In domestic mentioned Christmas such a foreign flavor a festival, I believe that many people first thought is Santa Claus and Christmas presents, in fact, Christmas is christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ festival, and understand the implication and domestic Christian I'm afraid not much, Slim hoods but in the domestic water heater production enterprise are among the company, the company all the employees to Christianity, the company's management and the enterprise culture is also of great love to Christianity as the basis,Island hood so just for Christmas, the reporter interviewed the special "special" home appliance enterprise general manager Mr. LiuZhaoLi.


Huaibei: a market stop ahead of home appliance "to old change new"

"Not to say that home appliance 'to old change new' deadline at the end of the year? How we huaibei just before Christmas deadline?" Yesterday (December 24), the ms wang huaibei city reflects this. Range hood Reporter then interview found, huaibei city several large chain stores are says it will stop this weekend in home appliance "to old change new". They say, that the practice is to get the business department huaibei city oral announcement.


Nanjing three bay: to create China's leading terminals brand

"With cooperation instead of competition, so as to share transfer light." Today, the three roots in China is further electric bay deployed 2011 years of brand strategy, the enterprise to be the leading global brand development goals terminals, excellent wisdom to benefit human. Expected in the next 5 years,Vent hoods three bay appliances will follow countries "1025" planning pace, the thorough implementation of the scientific development concept, become a adhere to the actual action with global customers to share interests of the Chinese national enterprise.


The boss appliances Spring Festival activities to send gifts micro bo ten thousand yuan gift

Year end will come, the enterprises have a year of work to finish, hutch cable industry leading enterprise boss electric equipment is no exception. Recently launched "boss extreme inhale row technology red move the national XiYingChun" large-scale activity, 33 years dedicated high-end hutch cable, and heavy winter HaoLi send, as long as your boss appliances in the home to more than 8000 in the shop choose your favorite lampblack machine and its photo, Range hood release topic and uploading photos to sina micro bo, at the same time @ hangzhou boss appliances, there is opportunity for the boss to provide New Year HaoLi appliances, awards is listed just two months is open to booking a speed of G3 suit, worth $12888.


Home appliance price war steering technology from war


November 14,, the guangdong ShengGaoYuan make a final decision, that beauty of 4 sleep air conditioning gree technology patent infringement, the gree 2 million yuan economic loss compensation, and end the gree beautiful for up to three years of patent wars. A beautiful infringement of gree publicity act caused the enterprise competition model of reflection. Gree beautiful patent war also reflect the current Chinese home appliance face the challenge of industrial upgrading,Vent hoods home appliance enterprise by the price competition to technological competition, this requires enterprise must strengthen the independent innovation, mutual respect for intellectual property Exhaust hoods rights, strengthen the upstream parts, product development design, production and manufacturing, logistics and the service and so on the competitiveness of the whole industry chain.


2011 years of China's kitchen electric industry review and development forecast

Time flies senility, 2011 fleeting, have been busy here we just think of look back at the end of the year the events of the kitchen electric industry. Backin 2011 hutch cable industry through roads, rocky and also surprise, some traditional also have innovation.



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