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Sunfly Electric Main Products:Kitchen Hood,Range Hood,Range Hoods……

Everyone's electricity giant into small home appliance power or lift merger boom

From black to white electric power development of long rainbow, has announced officially stationed in the small home appliance field, and first launched ChangHongPai electric pressure, induction cooker. But in an increasingly competitive home appliance field, small home appliance is "the last piece of feng shui treasure-house"?


The share of domestic electric power tools progress will be stronger competitiveness

From the 1990 s began, through effort, in our country electric tool market, domestic electric power tools of the leading position gradually formed, in recent years, received further consolidate. According to the survey, in the domestic market power tools, domestic electric power tools sales number has accounted for 90% of total sales, and various kinds of imported brand product is only 10% share of the market. Foreign electric tool market, China manufacturing scale expands unceasingly, China has become a global power tools production base.


Adjust electric tools export products with the European Union standards

According to information, power tool is the whole society and most widely used hardware tools, along with time and the progress of the society, power tool market developing rapidly, and all kinds of electric tools due to various aspects quality problem to the injury of the consumers also occurs frequently, and therefore, the various countries to domestic market electric tool requirement is becoming more strict. The European Union is for hardware power tools made special 60745-1 standards, its purpose is to establish a hardware electric tool the specification, to enter the European market power tools product specification, cyclone range hoods...

The home appliance market May 1 play "three kingdoms and kill"

Waiting for the may holiday buy cheap home appliance, this year may be more province of silver, because the online mall stores in advance and the entity has fired home appliance sales promotion war. This year is more remarkable, always stay out of the computer city incredibly also influenced by the "war" involvement.


Su ning electric equipment by the CSRC directional reply to the 5.5 billion yuan

April 12,, suning appliance received the China securities regulatory commission on the approval su ning electric equipment Co., LTD. The non-public issuance of stocks of the official reply ", approved su ning electric equipment non-public no more than 447154480 new shares, the rights issue since approval within 6 months of effective. The directional reply means su ning won by raising $5.5 billion fund will be successful, su ning electric equipment officials say,Cooker hoods...

Hisense electric net profit increased 102% year-on-year to 1.689 billion last year

Hisense electrical 9 evening release 2011 financial report, data shows, the report period, to achieve the company business income is 23.5 billion yuan RMB, a 10% growth year; Net profit of 1.689 billion yuan RMB, a 102% growth year; Basic earnings per share of 1.947 yuan.


On our country pneumatic tools industry ten major development trends

1, miniaturization, integration
The limited space requirements of pneumatic components of shape dimension as low as possible, miniaturization is the main trend of development. Now the minimum inner diameter cylinder is only f2.5, and made the switch; Electromagnetic valve width only 10 mm, effective cross-sectional area was up to 5; Interface f4 of pressure reducing valve is developed. According to the survey, miniaturized components demand, about every five years doubled.


House electric appliance growth started to show New Deal could bring spring?

The everyone's electricity giant of recently released 2011 earnings showed China's house electric appliance after the 2010 a nearly 10 years never appear growth situation, as the second half to the country, energy saving huimin engineering home appliances and home appliance with old change new three stimulating domestic demand policy of gradually exit, the domestic household electrical appliance industry growth also began showing signs.


2012 commercial air conditioning development space is still huge

In 2011 the central air condition market high growth. 2011 year China central air conditioning industry total capacity of the first time exceeded 50 billion, reach 57.5 billion yuan, and the entire annual industry growth of 28.2%. And the beauty appliances in 2011 year the central air conditioning market share up to 13.4%, 55.3% growth rate, gree electric appliances central air conditioning in 2011 year's market share up to 11.4%, a 55.6% growth rate.


Gree electric appliances sword billions in 2012 to sales target

Gree electric appliances released the 2011 performance bulletin. The report shows that in 2011, gree electric appliances realize business income is 83.595 billion yuan RMB, a 37.48% growth year; Net profit of 5.245 billion yuan, increased by 22.67% year-on-year, continue to maintain steady growth. This performance also makes the gree electric appliances for seven years become a global sales of air conditioning industry champions.



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