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Chongqing home appliance sales continue to slide "winter" when can the past

Chongqing may is always home appliance sales peak season. But on May 21, visit the city several reporters home appliance sells found that busy promotion placards and cold and cheerless sells the form bright contrast, zhuhai home appliance sells at the end of "winter" into, is continuing.


Everyone's electricity giant into small home appliance power or lift merger boom

From black to white electric power development of long rainbow, has announced officially stationed in the small home appliance field, and first launched ChangHongPai electric pressure, induction cooker. But in an increasingly competitive home appliance field, small home appliance is "the last piece of feng shui treasure-house"?


The share of domestic electric power tools progress will be stronger competitiveness

From the 1990 s began, through effort, in our country electric tool market, domestic electric power tools of the leading position gradually formed, in recent years, received further consolidate. According to the survey, in the domestic market power tools, domestic electric power tools sales number has accounted for 90% of total sales, and various kinds of imported brand product is only 10% share of the market. Foreign electric tool market, China manufacturing scale expands unceasingly, China has become a global power tools production base.


Adjust electric tools export products with the European Union standards

According to information, power tool is the whole society and most widely used hardware tools, along with time and the progress of the society, power tool market developing rapidly, and all kinds of electric tools due to various aspects quality problem to the injury of the consumers also occurs frequently, and therefore, the various countries to domestic market electric tool requirement is becoming more strict. The European Union is for hardware power tools made special 60745-1 standards, its purpose is to establish a hardware electric tool the specification, to enter the European market power tools product specification, cyclone range hoods...

Sweet "mother's day" will be large and medium-sized appliances to help you choose gifts


Passion of a small just over five long, sweet mother's day and will keep the and to, "who grass-inch heart, reported in the apartments." Every year at this time, a lot of people will buy a gift for mother tried to, now, to the mother as a festival gift has not only limited in flowers, clothing, daily necessities and so on, home appliance sells also hit in succession to attract female of "soft signs", reporters from large and medium-sized appliances home appliance sells to realize, will spend the weekend of digital, small home appliance, mobile phones, and many other category for mother's day will be on the special discount activity.


SuNingYi E18 may purchase the launch of the 400 million season and profits to the limit

As part of the 2012 China electric business has dark horse, SuNingYi purchase apparently have already are determined to keep fighting a price war. Last month, which launched a price war and after a hard-fought victory, SuNingYi purchasing executive vice President li bin May 8, announced on May 16-May 18 E18 may start the season large sales promotion, planned to 2 billion special offer our products and profits to the limit of 400 million, once again, comprehensive breakdown over the reserve price. He also said that, based on April the good results of price war and peer generally negative coping present situation, pacific range hood...

Home appliance market may not really cold down growth point still exist

Although many adverse factors objective existence, but it doesn't have to be pessimistic, support demand growth factors of rigid home appliance still exist, such as urbanization drive of the urban population increase, in the meantime, electrical home appliances products in 10 or so update is the peak period, all of these make updates become house electric appliance stable growth.


In 2012 China's household electrical appliance enterprise adjustment transformation effect analysis research

Since the second half since last year, household electrical appliance industry is by the steady real estate market weak and high inflation, all kinds of subsidies exit, and overseas market economic downturn the influence of factors, slack demand, market encounter cold, terminal sales data to slide. It also continued to the first quarter of this year. Recent home appliance in the listed company released a quarterly data in 2012 suggests that the industry situation is still serious, but not see hope, part of the home appliance enterprise encountering "winter" transition after the effect of adjustment began to appear,cyclone range hoods...

"3 packets" period "XiChang" not free washing machine

"3 packets" period, to clean water heater manufacturer for free, why can't free cleaning the washing machine? Recently, many citizens while spring clean home on the electric appliance, the results found that although the washing machine still is in "3 packets" period, but the cleaning service is charge of.


ShuangLu electric country stealth success rise again

An ever of the city brand, let it from the cities to ordetracted rural. To get the position it has opened the new countryside development mode, it is the epitome of rural home appliance market development, its brilliant witnessed in recent years, the city of the rural market brand marketing success stories.



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