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Teamsun won "2010 Best of listed companies to fulfill social responsibility," the title of

    Recently, the "2010 China Finance Conference and the Eighth Financial Entities" (hereinafter referred to as the "Billboard") in the selection of the domestic leaders in class integrated IT service provider Teamsun (SSE: 600410), with Group outstanding performance of the overall strength of the successful awarded "2010 Best of listed companies to fulfill social responsibility," the title.Range hood Other companies also get this title: Suning Appliance, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Oriental Electric.
    It is reported that China's Financial Entities has been successfully held seventh. By China's largest financial information portals and networks initiated and led,Range hoods China Securities Market Research and Design Center (SEEC) and other agencies co-sponsored event brings together the national leadership of the relevant government departments, domestic and international economic and financial elite and industry leaders in the industry. Cooker hoods According to organizers, Billboard Awards with the line measurement and online voting, through a comprehensive assessment of professional real data, Kitchen hood users and investors voted, industry bodies and experts arrive at a final depth analysis of evaluation results and other factors, Exhaust hoods can Teamsun get this award shows its necessary for the development of "selfless public service and build a harmonious" corporate responsibility and obligations.Vent hoods It is reported that Shen Ping "the best performance of listed companies in social responsibility," the enterprise must meet the following conditions:Island hood there is no negative press the company for three years to support public and its products and services to have "green carbon" and so on.

    Slim hoods (Secretary of the Board and Chief Investment Officer Teamsun Qiu Lu Min in the "Billboard" awards ceremony)

    It is understood that, as China's leader-class integrated IT service provider, Teamsun is the first service network covering the entire Greater China region and parts of Southeast Asia, local IT service providers. Stainless steel hoods Owns two listed companies: Teamsun, ASL Hong Kong company (HKEx: 00771). In mainland China and Hong Kong, Macao, Southeast Asia and other regions with 40 branches and employs nearly 5,000. Since 2004, the market, business scale, Glass hood the average annual compound growth rate (CAGR) of 30% or more, the business scale is nearly 40 billion yuan, of which the high-end IT services business more than 1 billion yuan, the company has advocated "symbiotic space" concept , Chimney hoods customers, partners, investors, media, consistent recognition and praise.

    Secretary of the Board and Chief Investment Officer Teamsun Qiu Lu Min at the ceremony, told reporters said: Over the years, the company focuses on its business, but also attaches great importance to social responsibility, in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, 2009, the sixtieth anniversary of National Day celebrations 2010 Shanghai World Expo and Guangzhou Asian Games and a series of mega-events, the company through the provision of green, a wide range of integrated service solutions and IT technical support localization for the success of these activities played an important role in supporting for the harmonious development of society contributed their part.

    (Teamsun Secretary of the Board and Chief Investment Officer at the Billboard Awards Qiu Lu Min studio interview)

    It is understood that corporate social responsibility, is also a mainstay Teamsun body grind line, active in fundraising and disaster relief, donations to schools and other public welfare activities, has contributed cover Liping County of Guizhou Po Primary School, Guizhou wash Meitan County Ma rural primary schools and Guangdong, Anhui and other places more hope primary school, Mr. Hu Liankui chairman has repeatedly visited the school to corporate donors and condolences. Qiu Lu Min said Teamsun and will continue to actively promote and practice of "corporate citizenship" concept to "contribute to the community," the responsibility to actively join the charity.

    In 2010, Teamsun key development effort "cloud computing", "Internet of Things" and other green industry to "pay homage to action" for the deployment of strategic action group has been widespread concern in the industry, including the Beijing Party Secretary Liu Qi, Ni Guangnan Chinese Academy of Sciences, co-director Joan Chen, soft and other leaders and scholars have to visit companies and research, the development of benign Teamsun gave full recognition and praise.

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