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Intelligent Community in 2011 to accelerate the development trends of the ascendant

   Intelligent community in China is still new things are emerging, after 10 years of development has made great progress, but the development is uneven.
   Shenzhen, Shanghai,Range hood Guangzhou, Beijing and other coastal cities, municipalities and provincial cities developed rapidly in developed regions Less developed regions, compared with one to two beats, some slow, some of the intelligence community near the beginning,Range hoods there The is still in speculation stage. Overall, the intelligence community is like bamboo shoots after the rain in full swing, blooming all over the country's vast land,

   Cooker hoods Become the inevitable trend of social development, has a broad market space.

   With the advance of our 3111 project, create safe cities and building a harmonious society in depth, no doubt play a catalytic intelligence community to do with development. According to related statistics, Kitchen hood the next 5 years China's intelligence community will be 30% growth rate, estimated that by 2010 China's cities in order to achieve 60% of domestic intelligence.

   1,Exhaust hoods the intelligent control technology products, competitive district.

   Although the intelligence community in our 10 years of history, but the period is in the ascendant,Vent hoods there is no uniform technical standards, the relevant norms and standards are still under development, integration of the system is not high, but not to the intelligence Building system integration, as all the IBMS platform.Island hood The main current industry technologies and products within the lack of openness, compatibility, connectivity, each for the array,Slim hoods Hundred Flowers.

   Technology products within the industry is currently divided into two camps: "Internet school" and "school bus." Network to send ideas to the community computer network integration technology platform,Stainless steel hoods a multi-play. All products are the basis for the application of computer network, so it intelligence community product technology and cost higher,Glass hood but it is now the mainstream of international technology and trends. As China's IPv6 (10G / S transfer rate) to implement for this camp (including the deterrence force of business) basis.

   Chimney hoods Many well-known faction mainly foreign companies such as: HONEYWELL, Siemens, Johnson and other companies, building controls in China occupy a larger market share of the "field control bus" faction, the use of bus technologies LONWORKS, CAN, BACNET mod bus , C bus and so on. High cost of such products in Xiamen in the share of higher. Due to price and other issues, the market in the community has not yet been accepted common.

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