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Note about the details of life to build a firewall Taian Fire

     Spring Festival is the resident fire, electricity peak period, but also fire-prone period. The weather continuing drought, this dry weather exacerbated the fire hazard. To enable the public to enjoy a safe New Year,Island hood Tai'an City Fire Brigade Secret squadron commander during the Spring Festival Yi Liu Leilei about the focus of fire hazards and prevention methods.

    Slim hoods Fireworks away from fire.

    "Fireworks is the biggest fire hazard during the festival. From the previous situation, because the fire caused by fireworks a few." Liu said the captain. Especially in rural areas are more fuel, such as the wood piled up everywhere haystack, can easily be ignited. In addition, the residents of the home balcony, Stainless steel hoods parking, gas stations, old buildings and transport dry road are dangerous areas.

    Preventive measures: Chinese New Year in the discharge of fireworks, in addition to areas away from the ban, we must also observe the landing position. Meanwhile, attention should be fireworks in a safe place away from fire,Glass hood heat, power.

    Sky Lantern festivals hold.

    Chimney hoods "Incense burning paper and other activities are also easy to fire." Liu said the captain, this situation occurred in the countryside, burning paper or wood easily ignite surrounding grass hay, and then fire. In addition,Range hood the popular festival for the past few years the phenomenon of discharge of updating, Liu said the captain, the discharge of lanterns and more hidden, is expressly prohibited by national legislation. Especially in Tai'an, many forests, Range hoods forest fires caused by the discharge of updating and easily. So I hope people do not follow the trend of the discharge lanterns.

    Preventive measures: burning paper should pay attention to select the appropriate location, attention to areas away from the hay, firewood pile. Do the lawn in the district, next to gas pipelines, power lines,Cooker hoods the car next to the edge of septic tanks, reed hay and site, shed near the burning paper, burn completely extinguished burning parchment paper and then have to wait to leave. Incense and candles may not be placed inside the plastic candlestick, Kitchen hood with the fuel to keep a distance, away from home or candles should be extinguished before going to sleep, to prevent its resurgence. Should be kept clean of combustible debris on the roof terrace to avoid its being ignited fireworks flew.

   Exhaust hoods Household appliances one by one check.

    "Dramatic increase in electricity consumption during the Spring Festival family, the line is easy to aging or improper electrical fire." Liu said the captain, many families use the winter heater, electric stove. First, the high temperature of these appliances, easily ignite other flammable materials, followed by the lines themselves may be aging, improper use of fire.

    "Natural gas, coal gas fire is the most important families." Liu said the captain, the general winter household gas, natural gas heating cooking more, in addition to locking doors and windows in winter, the air does not circulate. Gas natural gas, such as improper use can easily lead to fires.

    Precautions: Do not the first use of the family too many electrical appliances. In addition, if lights flashing, television image instability, power outlet hot, take the Mars and other phenomena, in time to stop using high-power electrical appliances. Also, should always check the electrical lines, prevent aging, short circuit, leakage from happening. If a long time to go out, be sure to cut off all power room, shut off the gas valve, the best to the property, the key to the community or relatives to stay for the family in trouble need help, fire officers and soldiers to quickly access, the implementation of effective relief. Mo heap debris evacuation routes

    "Now more and more Thai city high-rise buildings, high-rise building in the event of fire, easy to form a chimney effect, a fast burning fire was intense and so on. And difficult high-rise building evacuation, fighting hard. So, who lives in high-rise buildings during the Spring Festival residents must observe the fire. "Liu said the captain.

    Preventive measures: high-rise buildings must pay attention to understand the residents inside the building evacuation routes. Do not pile debris within the evacuation routes, fire safety facilities within the corridor should be timely maintenance.

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