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Electric Association ZHANG Ya-lin: Electrical equipment manufacturing power to achieve goals

   Into "Twelve Five", China's electrical industry will usher in a new round of development. How to seize the opportunity for continued growth in electricity demand, to achieve the transformation from large to strong? How to change the mode of economic development, scientific development? In the recently held China Electrical Equipment Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as "Electric Association"), Range hood fourth on the Second Board, the National Energy Board, the Ministry of Industry, Machinery Industry Federation and other relevant leaders, industry experts and business representatives gathered appliances, judged the situation, resolve problems, explore the direction of the industry to guide people to the power held in the "five-second" Range hoods new milestone in the electrical equipment manufacturing powers for the realization of the goal to make unremitting efforts.
   Recalling the "Eleventh Five-Year" rapid development of significant achievements

    Experienced a "fifth" and "Eleventh Five-Year" extraordinary course of development of electrical industry, be it industrial scale, the overall technological level and market competitiveness,Cooker hoods and so has the quality improved. Participants generally agreed that "the proportion of the equipment manufacturing industry is increasing, Kitchen hood and its important position and role has become increasingly prominent."

   In the "second five" first year, recalled the "Eleventh Five-Year" course of development of electrical industry, and its impressive performance for all to see.

    Electric Association,Exhaust hoods ZHANG Ya-lin, entitled "Transforming the development, adjusting the industrial structure, to achieve electrical industry 'second five'Vent hoods scientific development efforts," Stainless steel hoods the keynote address to the list: "the unprecedented scale of the industry development; products import and export trade growth quickly;Glass hood some products reach the international advanced level; scientific and technological innovation is very significant. "

   It is understood that the "Chimney hoods Eleventh Five-Year" period is the development of equipment manufacturing industry achieved remarkable results in five years,Island hood the electrical industry has entered a golden period of rapid development, showing many highlights:

   Island hood --- Major equipment technology has improved significantly. Power generation, power transmission equipment and other major products have reached international advanced level, construction of key projects for the domestic equipment provides an important support.Slim hoods Super (super) critical high-parameter, large-capacity generating units has become the dominant products, power generation equipment, annual output for five consecutive years over one hundred million kilowatts.

   UHV technology --- a major breakthrough. Through the introduction, digestion, absorption and re-innovation, high voltage long distance power transmission technology has reached world leading level.

   New energy power generation and equipment --- the rapid development of smart grid. Total installed capacity of wind power in 2010 ranked first in the world; photovoltaic solar cell production accounted for 50% of the total world production.

   Five years, the electrical equipment industry, although appreciable gains, but the challenge is still severe. ZHANG Ya-lin that big but not strong is an indisputable fact, and further adjust the industrial structure, innovation and development objectives to achieve long way to go.

   Outlook "second five" arduous task outlook

   Looking to the future trend of development of electrical industry outlook remains "optimistic."

   According to the plan, by 2015, electrical industry, industrial output value, industrial added value, the main business income will be maintained at an average annual growth rate of more than 15%, GDP will exceed 6 trillion yuan mark. By then, the contribution rate of GDP will exceed 2.5%; new product output rate in the "Eleventh Five-Year" by 5 percentage points; renewable energy and new energy power generation equipment will increase the proportion to 35% or more.

   Plan for setting this goal, "mainly due to the good domestic economic situation." ZHANG Ya-lin of the electrical industry opportunities and difficulties facing the development.

   China's industrialization, information technology, urbanization, marketization and internationalization in-depth development, economic development is an important strategic period for the better. New energy power generation, promotion and application of smart grid technology will effectively stimulate the market demand. But at the same time, opportunities are still accompanied by challenges to achieve this goal, "the task is arduous."

    First of all, more than a changing international situation, the market is increasingly competitive. Second, the new situation and new tasks to the electrical industry, new demands. The next five years, will be the machinery industry from the manufacturing power to create powerful leaps and bounds in the critical period. Electrical equipment manufacturing industry is to continue to compete in the international important equipment in a good position to provide support to achieve the transformation from large to strong a tremendous effort needed.

   "Adjustment and transformation, innovation and upgrading is an important strategy for the future development of the industry, vigorously to transform and upgrade the manufacturing sector is very necessary prerequisite." As the old leadership of electrical industry, electrical Association Honorary Life President of the authoritative view of Mr. Lu made, "to build as soon as electrical sectors of modern industrial system, with modern equipment, modern technology to produce high-end products. "

   Currently, high-end equipment manufacturing has been clear as a national strategic direction of development of new industries, which will determine our ability to achieve from the "big country" to "manufacturing power," the transformation.

    Mr. Lu stressed: "transform and upgrade the manufacturing industry, must pay attention to the development of common technology." Reporter noted, effectively reinforce the technical foundation of this work, has become a "second Five-Year" during the electrical industry, one of the seven key tasks. That "integration of existing resources, establish and improve the electrical system of common industrial technology research and development services to promote the common industry-wide technology research."

    In this concise text, its meaning is very rich and broad. Also listed six key tasks of other electrical equipment industry are: development of high-end products, foster export competitiveness; with major national strategy implementation and construction of key projects and improve core competitiveness of the industry; to build a number of large enterprise groups; speed up the industry to gather construction; promote brand building; improve quality of electrical products.

   COMPRESSOR Electric Association executive vice president, according to description, scientific development will be the main line of the future development of electrical industry, while emphasizing the "three sticks": adhere to the strategic adjustment of economic structure, accelerate the transformation of economic development as the main direction; adhere to the technology accelerate the transformation of progress and innovation as an important support for economic development; adhere to building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society as a way to accelerate the transformation of key economic development focus.

   Then, at the power generation equipment in the field will focus on the development of clean and efficient, large capacity, high-fired units and key parameters of equipment, valves and other component parts to break through bottlenecks in domestic production.

   In  the field of power transmission equipment, to further improve the high voltage AC and DC power transmission equipment localization work to improve the insulation shaped parts and the casing, the operating agencies and other key equipment and components, large-scale production capacity, promote the development of smart grid devices.

   In the field of new energy facilities, to develop high-quality, high reliability, large-scale wind power equipment, building standards, testing and certification system; speed up the localization of third-generation nuclear power plant work; focus on the development of solar energy, biomass power generation equipment.

National Energy Board Secretary for Energy Saving and Technology Li Ye of electrical equipment industry, "Eleventh Five-Year" was an unprecedented development, already has strong technology and market advantage to express my sincere congratulations. He encouraged the industry "to actively pursue both markets and resources." Meanwhile, we must see the market opportunities and their own advantages, but also enhance the hardship and risk awareness. He believes that wind power, solar energy and ultra high voltage, smart grid and other industrial development trend well, but has yet to break through the relevant technical constraints.

  Strengthen the Association to promote innovation and lead the development of building

   Electrical equipment industry has been unprecedented development, Li Ye that play a very important role in the Association. This reporter has learned, has been in full development of the industry Electric Association as the top priority, comply with the reform of the situation, play bridge, adhere to the principle of service, from a macro level for government decision making proposals for enterprise development at the micro level, solve problems, promote the whole sector reform and development. Especially in the last five years, the Electrotechnical Standardization efforts to increase scientific and technological innovation, production and research in the establishment of new mechanisms, improve the ISO system, synchronized with the development of major technologies and equipment to carry out standard-setting and achieved remarkable results.

   The future, electrical industry up to the "traditional manufacturing" to "modern manufacturing", and from a "technology follower" to "technology leader" changes are needed to lead the organization and Electric Association. As Vice President and Secretary General Electric, Fang Xiaoyan clearly understand that, "Strengthening the Electric Association's own building, including the Association for the Commission's own construction standards is critical and important."

   "Electric Association's work for government, industry and member services." Four-second General Assembly was held in the eve of the meeting and the Secretary-General Electric Appliance Association branch chairman of the Association meetings have been held. At the meeting, Yang Qiming, Fang Xiaoyan were requested, "to unify our thinking, common understanding, the full implementation of the industry 'second five' planning objectives, to promote the smooth development of the work."

   It is reported that Secretary-General of the Council at the organization's branch, were four issues: consideration of Branches (Trial) motion; describes the overall progress of the construction site electrical Association; Electric Association informed the Committee belongs to the smart grid planning and construction; arranged to carry out credit system evaluation. Electric Association, held earlier meeting, on Electric Association Web site, promoting high-grade insulation materials, and transformer copper aluminum research and investigation on behalf of the three tasks were carried out research and deployment. This series of work, the expression of the Council in promoting reform and development of electrical industry and give full play to guide the work and decision-making role.

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