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Smart consumers are unable to TV ill-defined "start"

    Nowadays, major appliance stores in Hechi City, a variety of new smart TV is placed in prominent positions to attract consumers.

    However,Slim hoods faced with a wide variety of intelligent television, many people do not know what kind of TV to buy, do not know what the smart TV and regular TV distinction.

    Smart TVs defined as a

   Island hood "The brand positioning of smart TV is not the same, do not know what is really intelligent television." Dragon appliances are still people buy TV's Mr. Liu told reporters.Island hood And Mr. Liu, like many people unfamiliar with the smart TV.

    Appliances department store in South City area, the reporter interviewed several people are buying TV sets, most said they did not know the smart TV.

   Chimney hoods Ms. Chen is buying TV, said: "Smart TV and Internet TV about it?" In Chan seems smart TV with Internet TV is basically equated, Glass hood Stainless steel hoods since the two TV can connect to the network, you can browse online information.

   Vent hoods Consumers not only the concept of smart television is not clear, some of the smart brand sales of TV's "introduction" is also different. South City Area domestic appliances department store brand television sales personnel, Exhaust hoods said the brand Smart TV with intelligent noise reduction, color fidelity automatic tracking system, anti-X-ray emission reduction circuit, Kitchen hood automatic degaussing, a variety of image memory mode functions. While another brand's sales that can surf the Web, online video and a certification system called Smart TV.

    Penetration needs to be improved

    Cooker hoods It is reported sale of several intelligent features different TV brands, but almost another and 3D TV, LED TV integrated into together.

    According to sales personnel, some intelligent television flagship entertainment, to support more than 2,000 somatosensory games and simulation games; some smart TV LED TV features integrated network, hardware can be updating the software can upgrade at any time to upgrade TV function; there Smart TV "can point", "could pass", "can work together", "can play", fully functional.

    Smart TV so many consumers seem confused. With Mr. Lu's words: "I not quite sure what is 3D TV, and now again a smart TV, I really do not know how to choose?"

    Smart TV is currently generally low awareness, and the price expensive than television, many consumers still in a wait state. "From now, the smart little TV sales, but the emergence of each new product will be popularized through a process, with the smart TV concept was widely accepted by users, I believe its popularity will be higher. "Lord shopping a TV brand sales, said Wang.

    Expert: because of the need and purchase

    Reporters interviewed a number of consumers, many people have said are too many intelligent TV feature, do not know how to choose the most trouble is not the same as loving family members, difficult to reach.

    In this regard, experts advise consumers to first understand the needs, "the needs of family members" very important, if you are a geek, you can buy a computer with a "full web browser," the TV; If you are fond of watching TV is complaining about television resources fewer housewives, some of the smart brand and network television as mass media to create a joint program to meet your requirements.

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