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President Mao Zhong Fang too: not to mergers and acquisitions, not listed

     In the party too "high-inhalation" hood sold well national-cum-chef six lines starting ceremony, Ningbo side too Kitchenware Co., Ltd. President Mao Zhong said side too in the "five" during adhere to the "no market, no price war, not acquisitions." principles and the United States,Range hood such as electronics giant Siemens reached the kitchen appliances industry, "welcome" party too much emphasis on competition only "high-end first."

    The first half of the overall slowdown in the domestic appliance industry, Zhong Mao Group has revealed "side too this year is expected to reach sales of 3 billion, 2 billion more than last year increased by 50%."

   Range hoods Sales increased adverse side too

   Cooker hoods The first half of 2011, the PRC, the appliance industry market analysis report, the first half of 2011, the Chinese appliance market reached 612.3 billion yuan sales volume over the first half of 2010, an increase of 12.8%. And growth rate up to 23.9% last year compared to the situation in the first Kitchen hood half of the overall market growth rate fell 11.1 percentage points. Including range hood, gas stoves, water heaters and other kitchen products affected by the downturn in the real estate market, first half 2011 sales rose 7.1%, 8.3%, 7.2%.

   Exhaust hoods Overall slowdown in the appliance industry environment, the party was too high-end market sales are expected to increase by 50%. Mao Zhong said side too this year sales "is expected to reach 30 million, compared with last year's 2.0 billion increased by 50%." Zhong Mao Group also said it Vent hoods expects the "11" during the holiday, party too much four thousand yuan or more high-end market share to reach 50 %.

    "Only the first high-end war"

   Stainless steel hoods Insiders pointed out that the kitchen electricity market has become the focal point of foreign giants. Kelon, Haier, Midea, Siemens and other major appliance brands home and abroad have already begun invasion kitchen appliances industry. According to the PRC monitoring data released in May, the hood side Glass hood too high-end market in retail sales and retail sales ranked the top high-end market. Among them, the sales price of more than 3,000 drawings, and retail sales side too,Chimney hoods the market share of retail sales were 30.8% and 32%, more than 4,000 yuan market, party too much market share of retail volume and retail sales were 38.2% and 38.8 %.

    Island hood "Side too only care about doing high-end brand, did not care which brand first occupied." Mao Zhong said, and the United States, Siemens integrated appliances such as electric industry giant reached the kitchen to "welcome", adding they expect home appliance giants kitchen electric industry,Island hood the power to make the kitchen more orderly competition in the industry. For previously proposed "side too to consider the acquisition of Siemens' kitchen electric business,Slim hoods " Mao Zhong said in the "five" period will not consider mergers and acquisitions, and future acquisition targets will be high-end kitchen electric brand. "Side too long-term goal is to become a respected first-class high-end brand, to become China experts and leaders electric kitchen, and the present side too, not forming stable products, but also continue to focus on high-end product development, not to consider listing. "Mao Zhong said.

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