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Jiang Feng: Globalization is an inevitable trend in China's home appliance industry

    Recent European debt crisis intensified, the pace of global economic recovery is slowing down. However, is the so-called "crisis in the organic," for Chinese enterprises, it is "going out" good time, globalization strategy is being more and more Chinese home appliance companies put on the agenda. So, for the Chinese home appliance enterprises, now has the opportunity to implement global strategy? Companies how to better "go out"? In this process, which needs attention? What ways should the selection ? To this end, the "electrical"Range hood reporter interviewed Jiang Feng, China Household Electrical Appliances Association.

    "Appliances": from the current development situation, China's home appliance industry is full stride pace of globalization strategy. Range hoods Do you think the current international market environment like? The Chinese home appliance enterprises, the environment is conducive to the development of globalization?

   Cooker hoods Ginger Wind: from the current international economic situation, the shadow of the financial crisis has not dispersed, in fact, the global economy is experiencing a second wave of shocks, the debt crisis in the U.S. and Europe, making the step on behalf of the global economic recovery is slowing down.Kitchen hood Chinese home appliance enterprises "going out" a good time has come.

    First, because the turbulent international economic environment, asset prices are now relatively low, investment Ye Hao, mergers worth mentioning,Exhaust hoods companies pay the costs are relatively low. Meanwhile, the appreciation of the renminbi to Chinese enterprises in foreign investment, the decrease in the price to pay.Vent hoods In addition, the appliance industry is not a resource-based industries, but the processing industry. In other countries the economic downturn, the employment rate falling continuously in the background, set up factories in foreign countries by means of the Chinese home appliance enterprises can help Stainless steel hoods improve the local employment rate, it is more welcomed by the local government.

    In addition, Glass hood the internal environment of China's home appliance industry, the current labor and other costs increasing, our previous cost advantage gradually disappeared.Chimney hoods And while the recent decline in international crude oil prices, but in the long run, will maintain upward trend, logistics costs will therefore be further improved. If companies set up factories in foreign countries for local production, will reduce logistics costs. ThereforeIsland hood the global strategy is to become China's home appliance business, especially with the strength of the enterprise inevitable choice for China's home appliance industry development trend.

    "Appliances": Do you think China's household electrical appliance enterprises in the international situation at present how? Globalization is inevitable?

    Jiang Feng: Island hood China's largest producer of home appliances have already established the position of almost all kinds of household electrical appliances production are highest in the first in the world. Global appliance market share of approximately 30% of exports, exports accounted for more than. With such a large scale of production,Slim hoods the Chinese home appliance enterprises have been in the international market has a greater influence.

    Over the years, in the process of opening up international markets, whether in product or brand, a number of Chinese home appliance enterprises through various means success, growing to enhance the international influence. Not long ago, held in Dalian Summer Davos forum, the U.S. ambassador to Locke On Chinese enterprises "going out" strategy mentioned Haier, which reflects from a Chinese household electrical appliance enterprises to enhance the international status. Meanwhile, the Chinese influence in the international arena to enhance the strong backing of the enterprise. These are for the Chinese home appliance enterprises "going out" and create a lot of favorable conditions.

    "Appliances": At present, Chinese home appliance companies already have their full strength if the conditions to accelerate the pace of globalization? You think, should have a successful globalization strategy which factors?

    Jiang Feng: At present, Chinese home appliance companies already have the full conditions of the globalization process accelerated, especially some of the strength of large enterprises.

    First, China's household electrical appliance enterprises to gradually increase the strength of some large companies annual sales of up to hundreds of billions or even hundreds of billions. Large-scale enterprises, in order to "go out" to lay a solid economic foundation.

    Secondly, in recent years, many companies have been on the road in a variety of global exploration. Haier, for example, it is China's first batch of "going out" of the enterprise, not only set up factories in foreign countries, but also established a sales company. Gree many years ago in Brazil plant. As another example, a black domestic acquisitions of foreign companies, although the last was not successful, but these lessons as we are "going out" accumulated much experience, all enterprises in the exploration of the way to obtain a valuable asset.

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