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The cell phone market is expected to standard unified partition charger good languages

Small charger has become a major source of electronic waste, whether caused by the waste of resources or the hazard to the environment of social from all walks of life have been sufficient to cause the attention.

A few days ago, the work of the new rules on faith, Range hood provisions of the new censorship mobile phone no longer need to monitor charger. This means that mobile phone manufacturers in mobile phone sales in the future when no longer needed and charger binds a saleRange hoods . At the same time, it also means, on the market wide variety of cell phone charger will towards reunification.

Cell phone charger is expected to sell the points

According to media reports, for further unity of all kinds of mobile phone brand charger interface, the workers believe department related agencies recently issued new rules, regulations,Cooker hoods new strains no longer need to monitor cell phone charger. This means that mobile phone manufacturers in mobile phone sales in the future when no longer needed and charger binds a sale, the user can use any different brand charger to cell phone battery. The rules will be held on December 1,, to implement.

Kitchen hood

The director of the laboratory work letter HeGuiLi mintel said,Exhaust hoods this one change for the next step in the implementation of the mobile phone market with the charger separate sales and lay the foundation, it is energy saving and save resources, and at the same time, to reduce consumer buying cost. He called for a mobile phone enterprise will the two separate sales, give consumers more choice. Vent hoods However, the relevant competent department issued when specific guidance policy is unclear.

In the mobile phone hardware standards tend to be unified today, charger not compatible ills are more obvious, mobile phone charger standard reunification has is the trend of The Times. By the end of August this year, IEC (the international electrotechnical commission) announced the first in the world by the general YeWuXing data mobile phone charging-IEC62684 the data YeWuXing mobile phone general external power supply interoperability specification ",. Standard expressly points out, mobile phone charger is divided into three, namely the power supply (charger) group piece + cable group piece + phone group piece, and unity is the only phone side structure micro-BUSB structure, the standardization of real will charger, realize a charger for all mobile phone battery.

In fact, early on December 14, 2006, the original ministry promulgated for implementation is the mobile communication hand chargers technical requirements and testing methods ", request from 14 June 2007 on, enforce the cell phone chargers and interface unified technical standards. Since then the end of December, 2009, the international telecommunication union also approved implement universal phone chargers standard, according to telecommunications union's instructions, mobile phone charger unified interface standards for Mini-USB, with many mobile phone manufacturers at home and abroad has gradually put the interface into this standard.

Cell phone charger standard unified positive languages

Workers believe department figures, as of the end of October this year, the Chinese mobile phone users to 960 million households, and the price of mobile phone charger from more than ten pieces to hundreds of dollars, it can be concluded that the Chinese cell phone charger how big is the market. No doubt, mobile phone charger standard unified to consumer, manufacturers and the electronic industry and so on, will play a positive role.

First of all, both for consumer spending also can protect the environment. On the one hand to save the cost of the cell phone for consumer spending, avoid the repetition of the charger to buy. On the other hand also can minimize repeat purchase charger and a large number of electronic waste manufacturing. Through these two aspects, and finally achieve environmental protection, energy saving and reduce the purpose of electronic waste, so as to reduce carbon emissions.

Second, to reconstruct the charger market structure. Bring the same kind of unified standard product competition will is becoming increasingly fierce, certainly will generally cause, of cell phone charger and cable group piece of the market structure can produce certain effect. Is not up to the standard of the corresponding manufacturers association to adjust their production line, and also for themselves in the market has certain share sale, technical support is inevitable.

Again, help charger the innovation of technology.

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