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« House electric appliance why "black home appliance" loss "white home appliance"? Large-scale electric appliance retailer in the electronic commerce say YES or NO »

Hand in hand with buy group fight again south China made pu environmental protection electric lift the Iraq agitation

In December 2011, the eighth in hand hotel network activity came to south China again. hotel nets in hand activities successfully has been hold seven sessions, activity comprehensive coverage of east China, shandong and other regions, participate in dealers of more than five hundred people, Stainless steel hoods accumulative total sign the bill thousands of millions, of shares.

This activity and fight another south China,Glass hood and the business community, make the industry's most influential industry group visit negotiation activities buyers. And the seventh in hand before than activities, Chimney hoods the hand in hand with content more exciting is rich, supply and demand more clear intention, also got the attention of visitors. Manufacturers make the best use of the resources, change passive to active, direct display of the size of the enterprise, strength, culture and advantage products, and other aspects,Island hood to attract high-quality buyers.

Guangdong Iraq made pu electric appliance Co., LTD, Island hood established in 1993, the factory covers an area of 110000 square meters and has more than 2000 employees, is a global customers to provide kitchen small home appliance and commercial intelligence kitchen electric equipment product research and development, manufacturing and marketing service of the listed company Slim hoods (SHE: 002260), the subordinate organizations including Nippon (the United States) Co., LTD. And Hong Kong blue ocean industrial Co., LTD, guangzhou bond zhi household electrical appliances Co., LTD. Adhering to the "determined efforts, and sustainable management" the management idea, after 10 years of rapid development, Iraq has become China pu made the largest electric cooker, electric oven production bases, the products are sold to more than 30 countries and regions.

Company main product is kitchen small home appliance and commercial intelligence kitchen electric equipment. Kitchen small home appliance products include seven

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