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« Large-scale electric appliance retailer in the electronic commerce say YES or NO Schneider electric vice President of China for the Chinese characters analytical strategy »

Geomantic turn by turns home appliance market black voltage too white electricity? home power grid original: white electric industry in the first two years can say limelight no two, driven to the country in home appliances policy, refrigerator washing machine won Range hood a sharp increase. In 2009-2010, refrigerator into the "high speed" era, but time into the 2011, the limelight of refrigerator plunged. But in black electricity market, Range hoods domestic enterprises saw the ray of hope.

White electric scenery no longer black electric Cooker hoods half annals beautiful beautiful

From 2010 to 2011, the black and white electric Kitchen hood power realized the reversal white electricity fall from high above, black electricity is soar.

In 2010, the refrigerator market performance with the Chinese electrical appliances association deputy chairman of wang lei words, is "exciting". In 2010 the refrigeratorExhaust hoods production for 73 million units, up 23% increase. Standing on this report card on, all the refrigerator for 2011 market with great hope that expectations. And it is the performance of Vent hoods the markets should be what they say, the higher theStainless steel hoods expectations, the greater the disappointment. Before the concerns of the excess capacity, seem to be a little bit of a reality. Time to enter the 2011, the sales situation is not optiChimney hoods mistic,Glass hood which began in the first quarter showed. The first quarter of 2011 ChanMen refrigerators sales 57.67% year-on-year drop, ordinary two-door refrigerator or even negative growth for the first time. The situation is not optimistic in the first quarter after, continue, 10 month of data and more "don't look good." In October Island hood 4.12 million a whole industry according to the refrigerator, compared with October 2010 appear certain year-on-year decline, 12% year-on-year drop. Body analysis for refrigerator market forecast,Island hood 2011 annual growth is only 10%. Growth fell by more than half.

And look at the washing machine, data showed that in 2010, the washing machine sales grew 23.73% yoy, sales grew 25.73% yoy, through the first half of 2011 sales grew 10.19% yoy, sales increased 5.46% year-on-year, a dramatic rise to slow down.

And black electricity market is not born not ring,Slim hoods on everyone's eyes to white electricity market, seem to ignore the black electric enterprise performance, enterprise earnings to people but a surprise, the original black electric enterprise good!!!!!

Not long ago, the home appliance enterprise were released its 2011 three quarterly reports. Summary of each enterprise and three quarterly, media called "black electricity to eat meat, white electric drink soup". Black electric enterprise performance a wave red, sichuan long rainbow year-on-year rate of increase net profit forecast of 188% ~ 220%, hisense appliances in the previous three quarters year-on-year growth performance over 90%. TCL group performance up jumped 322.53%. Now white electricity enterprise performance is inferior to many, the electrical appliances before 3 quarter earnings growth of 9.59%. Beauty appliances is to the OS of negative economic growth, 55.99% year-on-year drop.

2012: black and white and electricity were hard slow development is the trend of The Times

The market for the 2012 color TV market forecast is optimistic. Su ning electric equipment and satisfying kang of the industry in the whole growth expressed confidence, which is expected to total market demand for color TV sets throughout the year 43 million sets in 2011 than to rise by more than 2%; Total market demand amount is about 180 billion, compared with 2011 growth of more than 7%.

Although institutions for 2012 color TV market forecast than 2011 total market demand grew 7.4%, this is a historically high demand total. But there are still some factors that needs our attention. CRT to flat from era, Chinese TV market experienced a upgrade process, it also let color TV industry growth from 2006 up to now has been to keep more than 5 times the rate. But when the city market color TV upgrade completed, and because the real estate 限购 policy to suppress the city new buy home appliance of market demand, and the old change new policy end, color television industry 2012 not too optimistic.

In the investment market, has analyzed that, black electric enterprise "eating meat from a panel low-cost wandering, net interest rate producers to improve the structure of the triggers.

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