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Illegal building under power lines, "300,000 appliances" were destroyed illegal buildings built under power lines, electrical fire destroyed


    [Live] "30 million appliances," burned

    At 15:30 on the 11th or so, Range hood Zhengzhou City, Zhengzhou and Kaifeng Road and Yufeng Road intersection northeast corner of a house on fire, then broke the news reporters rushed to the scene. A small hospital in the waRange hoods rehouse fire, I saw one side is a row of simple warehouse, the warehouse are placed a large number of household appliances; the other side is a dilapidated two-story. The south side is a small courtyard substation, a high-voltage transmission tower near the small building.

    Hospital full of people, we understand that most of them are masters of this row of warehouses, or two-story residence of migrant workers. At the scene, got into the billows ofCooker hoods smoke from time to time someone would rescue appliance warehouse. A face has been blackened by smoke, said the man gloomily: "There are more than 30 million warehouse appliances, which under all over."

    Wang sister living in a house next to the warehouse on fire,Kitchen hood she said with a tearful voice: "books, ID cards have cash in the house too! With a can be supposed that?"

    [Question] Why power lines next to the building?

    At 16:15 on the 11th,Exhaust hoods the fire was under control, is what causes these fires it? A man received a live reporter substation south of the small courtyard door, he pointed to a high-voltage transmission tower from the roof of the high-voltage droop to the small building, said: "This two-story high-voltage suddenly fell on the roof, touch to the following Vent hoods residential electricity wires, and only then burned all the meter, causing a fire, resulting in the warehouse fire. "

    In this high-voltage transmission tower,Stainless steel hoods the reporter saw printed above the Glass hood "Golden Phoenix 110 kV line" message. Reporters access the "Electricity Law" and the relevant provisions of the protection of power facilities found under power lines is Chimney hoods not building, the 10 kV side of the wire line protection area range is 5 m, 110 kV line is 10 meters, the 220 kV line is 15 meters. High pressure building in protected areas, are illegal structures. And in this next 110 kV high-voltage lines, but with such a small building and adjacent warehouse.

    During the interview, Island hood the reporter repeatedly been the scene to maintain order and advised the staff leave. When a reporter asked about the ownership of this small building and warehouse, the site personnel are "do not know, Island hood not know," refused a reporter's inquiry.

    [Response] story buildings and warehouses belonging to illegal construction

    At 19:10 on the 11th, Slim hoods a telephone interview with reporters in Zhengzhou City, the Ministry of Ms. Duan political power company, she told reporters in Zhengzhou City, the power company's staff are the scene to repair, according to the relevant provisions of the "high-pressure corridor" is not allowed under there is a building, fire and two-story row of warehouses belong to illegal construction, before they have been illegal under a rectification notice.

    For some speculation on the cause of the fire, Ms. Duan replied: "At present the fire is still being investigated can not be sure is not caused by the high-voltage wires fall fire."

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