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Kitchen appliances: product of high concentration of high-end brand

    From small to large, from weak to strong, to date, China has entered the small appliance industry robust growth, a real big market. In 2006, China's small home appliances market is only 98 billion yuan, accounting for 13.9% of household electrical appliances market. 2011, China's small household appliance market will reach 173.9 billion yuan, accounting for 14.5% of household electrical appliances market, 170.8 billion yuan more than the black market, Slim hoods second only to the size of a household appliance market in the white category. Among them, the kitchen appliances become the main force, which in 2010 exceeded 80 billion yuan output value.

    Become a major force in small appliances

    Since entering the Chinese Island hood market earlier, kitchen appliances is relatively mature.

    After several years of rapid development, Island hood small kitchen appliances and household electrical appliances industry, China has become an important part. In 2010, small household electrical appliances market reached 162.4 billion yuan, Chimney hoods of which the size of kitchen appliances to 800 billion yuan. Since entering the Chinese market earlier, the development of kitchen appliances has now relatively mature, such as range hood,Glass hood gas stoves, rice cookers and other products of the market have more than million dollars. 2011 market size of these three products will reach 220 billion yuan, 14.3 billion yuan and 104 yuan.

    We can put two types of kitchen appliances.Stainless steel hoods The first type is a mature product, contains a smoke machine,Vent hoods cooker and other products. These product development for a long time, the market is large. In 2010, for example, the size of the hood is 201 billion cooker is 103 billion, $ 7.3 billion microwave oven,Exhaust hoods disinfection cabinet $ 5.4 billion. These products are doing my part to become the kitchen appliance industry's main products.

    The second type is showing rapid growth in recent years,Kitchen hood the product. These growth products is a typical representative soybean milk, soybean milk market in 2011 although the performance is not satisfactory, but it is undeniable, from years of development, Cooker hoods the soybean milk product is rapidly growing.Range hoods 2007-2010 soybean milk product retail sales up 95.5%, respectively, 145.1%, 51.1% and 41.9%. As of 2010, the soybean milk market has surpassed the ten million, $ 11.9 billion.

    Tremendous potential for development

    Kitchen appliances over the next five-year compound growth rate of more than 15%.

    Small appliances great potential for future development,Range hood including kitchen appliances over the next five-year compound annual growth rate of more than 15%. Kitchen and electrical products to determine good momentum of development based primarily on the following points.

    The first is the social factors, in 2009 China's urbanization rate of 46.6%. The next few years, China's urban resident population of more than a turning point in the rural population will occur by 2015, China's urbanization rate, or more than 51%. China's urbanization rate increased 1% per year, it means that every year about 13 million rural population into urban population. Urbanization represents a lifestyle change, but also represents an increase in demand for kitchen appliances. In addition, China's new rural construction helped to raise the income level of rural residents to improve their standard of living, changing their way of life, which will be the development of kitchen appliances in rural areas to lay a good foundation.

    The second factor is the consumer. The first wedding in 2010 the population of China reached 12.05 million pairs of registration number, and an increase of 5% in 2009, married in 2005 to increase the number of population registered 3.82 million pairs, new kitchen appliances wedding stable population growth. Second, China is becoming the main consumer 80. The concept of avant-garde fashion consumer groups, the relatively strong purchasing power, the pursuit of common personality characteristics of this group, getting younger and younger consumer characteristics, brand, quality and characteristics of the acceptance of new products, kitchen appliances high. At the same time, there are some westernized lifestyle of the middle class, their lifestyle changes, but also increases the demand for its kitchen appliances. Like a coffee pot, dishwasher, sterilizer and other products have gradually into their sight, and become a necessity to improve the quality of life.

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