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« 3 out of the leading home appliances to complete the layout of three or four marketsPeople's electrical Shanghai. And Germany hagrid electrical have reached a cooperation agreement »

3 out of the leading home appliances to complete the layout of three or four markets

   December 6, the final round of bidding for home appliances, held in Beijing, it also means that four-year policy of home appliances, will be scheduled at an end in January 2013.

    Launched in 2007,Slim hoods home appliances from the pilot provinces and cities, to implementation of the policy reached its peak in 2010, widely believed, for enterprises, the biggest home appliances to the countryside policies to help the rural market is forced open, stimulating domestic sales increased by 20% to 40 %. But this November, Island hood the first end of the first pilot provinces and cities incentives, home appliances has entered the exit phase, which means that sales of household appliances in recent years, high growth will end.

    To maintain the performance of growth, household electrical appliance enterprises must seek change. Beijing said a fellow broker, took the opportunity to purchase small business stores,Island hood so that the rural channel more "deep", withdrawal will be the policy of large household appliances enterprises the greatest benefit.

    Completion of the final round of bidding

    December 6, the final round of bidding for home appliances, held in Beijing, although there are still many companies gathered here, trying to seize the last opportunity,Chimney hoods but two details of the policy of home appliances is about to reveal traces of delisting : First round of bidding, for the first time take the initiative to abstain from business - last year,Glass hood winning three foreign TV companies were not to participate; Second, refrigerators, washing machines, reduce the number of bidding companies.

    It is understood that the policy of home appliances in the provinces and municipalities only four-year implementation term of one to end immediately. In December 2007,Stainless steel hoods the policy lead in Shandong, Henan, Sichuan, Vent hoods Qingdao pilot provinces and one city, the product is limited to TV, refrigerator, phone three categories, 13% of financial subsidies. The end of November this year, this part of the pilot Exhaust hoods provinces and cities have taken the lead out of the policy of home appliances. In December 2008, the pilot in the three provinces and one city after the start of the policy extended to Kitchen hood 14 provinces and autonomous regions, and in February 2009 nationwide, while the countryside products are enriched in the three categories, based on the original also increased the electric bicycles, computers, air conditioning and so on.

    Perform according to provinces and municipalities only 4-year program, December 2012, launched the second batch of the 14 provinces will end appliances to the countryside policies, Cooker hoods but by January 2013, the policy will be completely out of the market.

    In August, the first pilot provinces and cities nearRange hoods the exit point in time, the question was issued, Range hood which lasted four years, this policy is really the end?

    September, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Commerce and other departments jointly issued a notice that the first pilot provinces and cities policy of home appliances in the end as scheduled on November 30; After this, the original target subsidies to buy the product no longer enjoy the financial subsidy to rural areas. As a result, the end of January 2013 all over the basic set of expectations.

    Beijing, who declined to name the broker researcher told reporters: "home appliances industry, the biggest benefit of the rural market is forced open, and this market will always exist."

    3-year sales of home appliances increased 47-fold

    A set of numbers a good proof of the countryside policy for the home appliance industry made a significant contribution.

    From the Commerce Department data show that the pilot period of the policy in 2008, sales of 4.5 billion yuan in home appliances; in 2009 to promote the policy period, annual sales 64.8 billion yuan; policy into the 2010 peak annual sales of 173.2 billion yuan. January to October this year, the national home appliance products, total sales 85.2 million units, achieved sales of 215.8 billion yuan, representing an increase of 47 times in 2008.

    Everbright Securities believes that the current demand for large household appliances in rural areas in the domestic market plays a decisive role. 2009 to the countryside refrigerators, washing machines, color TV sales accounted for the proportion of total domestic sales 21% 33%; to October 2010, this ratio improved to 35% to 42%

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