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People's electrical Shanghai. And Germany hagrid electrical have reached a cooperation agreement


November 23,, Germany hagrid electrical Co., LTD, vice general manager of marketing is building a line coke went to the people's electrical Shanghai limited company, Slim hoods is both sides talks cooperation projects. Range hood Shanghai company chairman assistant ZhuBin, cable company general manager hair day playing, director of finance HuJiFeng leaders and guests further communication.

Symposium, ZhuBin to coke is introduced such as building German representative people's electric group production, research and development, market and so on, the German delegation hagrid Range hoods introduced the general situation of the electric Co., LTD, focusing on the components and switchgear production sales, as the industry is recognized as one of the top experts in the field of low voltage electrical, hagrid electrical components design and production is second to none. Coke is a said the current, Cooker hoods hagrid electrical are the characteristics of the Chinese market to according to the components for localization improve, the market prospect. In negotiations, hagrid electrical cooperation pattern content and Shanghai company exchange opinions and expressed a strong desire to further cooperation.

In recent years, Shanghai company through the global technology resources integration and senior talents cultivation,Kitchen hood and universities and research institutes of comprehensive cooperation, make the product in the market competition keep powerful advantage. At present already into the national power grid system, Exhaust hoods sinopec, petrochina, China mobile, China telecom, Vent hoods Shanghai world expo, jinghu high iron and other high-end market. Especially in the beijing-shanghai high iron project, "people's" brand 8 PT low-voltage switchgear realized the hongqiao Stainless steel hoods locomotive zaozhuang, for western, jinan,Glass hood henan section distribution facilities covered low-voltage switchgear.Chimney hoods With the world's famous German hagrid electrical negotiations, Island hood will be introduced for people's electricIsland hood international advanced technology, be the national brand lay the foundation for the further; At the same time, hagrid electrical in global with more than 20000 dealers, will also be people electrical appliance further explore international market help add new wings.

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