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« Undergraduate electrical whole wei yu can wash out culture Su ning "double brand strategy" is the "Japanese" ground service »

E-commerce trend to incoming home appliance chain started defense at the end of the year

 With the arrival of the era of e-commerce alumni record, e-commerce has become the first choice of consumer spending ways. So, home appliance online mall began to follow suit home appliance sells the marketing model, in different festivals release different promotion mode. In order to promotion,Slim hoods each everybody on the mall is to make all grid litigation. In just the past's day, data showed that during's day, taobao taobao mall, only "pay treasure"Vent hoods the total amount of the transaction is to break through 5.2 billion, equivalent to Hong Kong six days of the total retail sales. "Holiday effect", and "promotion effect" become household electrical appliance industry two key words, with Christmas, New Year's day approaching, the everyone's electricity chain enterprise has a fight, from the network shopping on race to win the cake.

Home appliance e-commerce wave rolled up,Stainless steel hoods each big enterprise gaining momentum

Along with the rapid economic development of the Internet, the Internet has become consumers buy electronic products important channel. As for home appliances, the network shopping is the electronic industry development is a kind of important channel form, with the home appliance market competition intensity of e-commerce, Glass hood the price war is no longer the only means of competition, Chimney hoods the brand, low prices and service, product, logistics, Island hood information system and so on comprehensive core competitive ability, will become the main contractor buys home appliance competition means and crucial factors.

As the largest electrical home appliances and consumer electronics e-commerce mall, gome online mall to e-commerce market in the network and the understanding, relying on gome group in purchasing scale and brand influence advantage already completed the layout of the logistics advantages, and on the basis of wholeIsland hood , carefully makes the background information processing system alumni record, let gome online mall in home appliances of the physical tools buys highlighting their advantage. In the war of the end of December running, gome online mall HanDePeng general manager, said the country by the global online mall the top level of the information system construction, guaranteeing logistics, cash flow, information flow efficiently integrating ERP system, leading the order quickly perform the system, the system advantage let gome online mall deal with explosive growth target customers.

But at the same time, facing the end of year end such a huge market, su ning, taobao mall, jingdong mall various series such as home appliances chain enterprise have the strength, for market. To su ning, for example, it is understood that SuNingYi bought this with "4.8 fold the end of a carnival season" as the theme of the large sales promotion activity became strong enough dynamite dye-in-the-wood, in addition to "4.8 fold special offer" besides, "12.8" the activity of the "easy FuBao prepaid phone, filling up 4999 yuan to 4999 yuan," and "full profits to $48 million" sales promotion profits to the extent it is unique epic proportions. According to SuNingYi purchase to provide the data shows that there are nearly two-thirds of people expected to return ticket by taking part in activities buy home appliance, 3 C products. According to SuNingYi buy general manager li bin said: "2012 year 3 C, home appliance market first, we just buys the first goal, to the mass of formality, su ning things."

According to the ministry of commerce of the expected, in our country in the future five years electronic business transactions will remain with an average annual growth rate of more than 20% in 2015, will reach 12 trillion yuan. The traditional chain home appliance brand such as SuNingYi purchase, gome KuBa, just with comprehensive open electronic platforms such as jingdong mall, taobao, when the and so on several big forces to fight on 17173, let cake for electricity. The personage inside course of study says, facing the upcoming e-commerce feast, the everyone's electricity chain enterprise has to respond to prepare for the early at the end of peak sales. This year the traditional home appliance chain enterprises face more cruel than ever before the test.

Gome third quarter net profit su ning electric business income behind run win entity sales

Gome third quarter revenue and profit than that have declined in the second quarter. Statistics show that the third quarter of fiscal revenue gome for 14.176 billion yuan, an increase of 14.35%, but in the second quarter of 16.129 billion yuan of annulus is dropped 12.1%; In net profit, gome's third quarter net profit of 539 million yuan, a 12.8% increase over the same period of last year, but in the second quarter of 700 million yuan of annulus is more than a 23% decline.

Gome fall modestly performance, and store expansion still save worry. By the final report, the country is opening a new store listed company of 241, the listed company store total amounted to 1041, suning behind 534 home, but if included in the 555's and 61's private stores large and medium electrical outlets, gome group, the total number of stores already amounted to 1657, suning 1-0. House electric appliance is not optimistic sales or will give gome stores expansion bring malaises.

Su ning electric equipment is in late October this year issued the first three quarters performance, income 67.625 billion yuan, up 24.54% increase; Net profit of 3.422 billion yuan, an increase of 21.03%. Su ning revenues of the first three season close to 1.5 times the country, net profit for the country is about 2 times. In the store expansion there under the background of decline, gome electrical appliances sale face su ning of future challenges.

At the same time sohu nets, with net buys continually increased consumption wave home appliance, e-commerce has also started to impact entity shop sales, at present gome two big e-commerce platform KuBa shopping nets and gome online mall and offline entity shop also has left and right mutual beat, the future expansion in the number of stores, may be diluted the constructions income.

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