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Household electrical appliance industry: policy gradually exit investment logic will change

Investment points:

2012 is the year of transition home appliance adjustment

In 2012, household electrical appliance Range hood industry facing policy gradually exit, real estate going negative growth factors, is expected to fall growth industry. We think in this context industry needs certain adjustment period, home appliance enterprise will conduct transformation, industry will appear before the high growth pattern after low.

Range hoods Policy gradually exit, stimulating effect decreased

Lu yu sichuan province countryside policy has three home appliance exit, the rest of the next two years will also have quit; To old change the new policy will expire at the end of the continued after also still uncertain. The first two years has stimulate household electrical appliance industry rapid growth of the industry policy of stimulating Cooker hoods effect gradually decreased. Long-term policy to see out the healthy and stable development of the industry, but can not deny that industry needs certain adjustment and digestive period.

Real estate on the influence of the capital market is home appliance amplification

Real estate on the influence of home appliance in two aspects:Kitchen hood the demand side, the volume growth falling home appliance demand, but the impact is not big proportion; In the market, the control policy changes will drive home appliance plate and Exhaust hoods real estate synchronous fluctuations, capital market actually magnifies the real estate on the influence of home appliance plate.

Investment logic will change

In the policy further away from it, the period of the Vent hoods household electrical appliance industry growth in the first few years of the rapid growth of a return to reason.

Household electrical appliance industry demand will Stainless steel hoods gradually from the policy guidance for just need to change direction, and consumer consumption idea of new industry to bring update and new product demand. Industry growth will focus Glass hood in the past the quantity to add into industrial upgrading were brought growth. So the industry investment will also from the logic of the industry transition choice for the son of the stock options.

Chimney hoods

Stocks choice

Choose a side, we follow two investment the main line, one in the basic home appliance choice in less affected by the policy and upgrade the leading enterprise leading products, such as gree Island hood electric appliances, hisense appliances; The second choice in the consumer upgrades in the growth potential new industries and new products, and Suggestions for lg attention.

Industry catalyst: real estate industry regulation if continued tight, do not eliminate industry to change the price of appears, demand for home appliances and home related to boost confidenceIsland hood will play a role in promoting; Old change of the new policy, saving energy subsidies continue expected to promote frequency conversion air conditioning or other electrical appliances product Slim hoods if the expected can cash, can be brought for household electrical appliance industry policy of investment opportunity.

Risk tip: macroeconomic volatility risk; Raw material price fluctuations risk; Real estate remain low volume of risk.

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