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« Consumer electronics appliances industry must seize the transformation and upgrading of article 3 main line Home appliance price war steering technology from war »

Kitchen electric new revolution beauty flag electric strategy to promote the brand competitiveness many home network: the economy is developing,Exhaust hoods market KaiFangHua step in to speed up, commodity age gradually developed into brand age, many in the industry have begun to turn to competitive brand competition, consumer spending behavior also gradually from commodity consumption into brands.

Integrated environmental protection kitchen industry is no exception, integrated environmental protection kitchen enterprise and integrated environmental protection kitchen to the development of the brand, to promote the enterprise competitiveness, promote the development of the industry is very necessary. As an integrated environmental protection kitchen business subject, the United States flag appliances is in line with "customer first, forge ahead" Kitchen hood business philosophy to provide our clients with quality services.

Of course, the brand time, the brand brings the competitiveness is overwhelming. Integrated environmental protection kitchen industry is so, integrated environmental protection kitchen enterprise is also like this. Cooker hoods Is integrated environmental protection kitchen for the enterprise, the United States flag appliances from the following several aspects of the brand competitiveness interpretation.

One, to the core location success brand position

Range hoods

Any enterprise to survive and development needs in its own have clear positioning, because even if a position, but if not clear, there also may collapse. So how to integrate environmental protection kitchen industry in find accurate reference, accurate positioning, become the enterprise in the market to create the overall image of important factor.Range hood The need to have a sharp insight to the market and accurate grasp of force. American flag from the target consumer appliances orientation, the product orientation and sales channel orientation of it industry extreme level.

Second, to promote the brand competitiveness in a professional innovation

In the integrated environmental protection kitchen product research and development, the flag electrical according to the market demand subdivided, and constantly develop new products, and continuously provide update products, to provide the diversity of the individuality product, but also their ability to the continuous development, training, consolidate and enhance. The flag the advanced integrated environmental protection electric stove sales idea, new product development technology and aesthetic ideas into products, simple and convenient use to consumers.

From the depth, the professional innovation is the enterprise professional quality culture in society reflects the mind of the public. The flag in the enterprise brand electrical propaganda and strong independent innovation, win a good market competitiveness.

In 2012, will have a new round of electric hutch defends innovation, integrated environmental protection kitchen industry needs to keep faster speed development, continuously improve product technology and after-sale service, work together, to struggle together, will be bigger and bigger cake.

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