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Nanjing three bay: to create China's leading terminals brand

"With cooperation instead of competition, so as to share transfer light." Today, the three roots in China is further electric bay deployed 2011 years of brand strategy, the enterprise to be the leading global brand development goals terminals, excellent wisdom to benefit human. Expected in the next 5 years,Vent hoods three bay appliances will follow countries "1025" planning pace, the thorough implementation of the scientific development concept, become a adhere to the actual action with global customers to share interests of the Chinese national enterprise.

15 years successful operation global marketing experience

Nanjing three bay electric appliance Co., LTD. Stainless steel hoods Accumulated a decades of matching production experience, the restructuring was established in 2005 in nanjing, specialized in the high-end and terminals production and sales. Products are Japanese combination terminals, Europe type box pressure type of combined terminals, spring type terminals and circuit board PCB terminals, Glass hood PCB connectors all kinds of types

In fact, as early as in 1995, three bay electric equipment are set up research institutions in nanjing, covering power, electronics, telecommunications, rail transportation, factory automation, Chimney hoods electronic processing, medical and culture, and many other fields. And terminals related products manufacturing, but also the key project electrical industry connector. Now, three bay appliances already have 15 years in design, development and manufacturing of experience.

In 2000, three bay appliances Island hood in three county set up a manufacturing base, and in two years in east China laid the foundation of the development of. In 2003, three bay electric general manager Mr. Fathers achievers bridge analysis enterprise processing history and now the demand of the market, he decided to take over the baton ", the parents career Island hood constantly grow, with his girlfriend to first full of wuxi, in wuxi railway station rented a few square meter 10 small appearance, the home of the old product JF5, JH9, D1, JD0, JX2, X5 series in the counter to sell. The first one to two months, the products go unattended, if it continues, you'll have to pack up and leave,Slim hoods so he took his old products to find supporting manufacturers, visiting wuxi greatly small complete factory, get reply is, is using the basic it is import types of UK series terminals, this series of terminal insulation materials with modified nylon (PA66), good electrical performance and mechanical properties, and small volume and beautiful atmosphere, the breakthrough of the old terminal domestic black shell, big volume is not convenient installation such shortcomings. After careful consideration, determined to develop new achievers bridge WUK series products imported, the quality of the products, with high strength of the screw copper alloy, electrical conductor made with electrolytic copper and line pressing box with stress corrosion crack resistance of the alloy copper into the metal surface also tin or nickel plating protected. After the success of the new product development, to get the power automation test detection and through the electric power industry automation of electric power systems equipment quality testing center "issue test report.

The development of new products for the development of the manufacturing base brings new twist, because is their products cost control, and at a reasonable price to the supply of the complete sets of enterprise, consistent get everybody's high praise. Because the previous research, in order to better develop business, came to an HuJu achievers bridge of all China JinLingZhi dragon nanjing jiangsu integration advantage resources, and in 2005 founded the nanjing three bay electric appliance Co., LTD.

The factory in nanjing early, the domestic terminals in the terminal market production enterprise springing up all over, and new brand continuously rise. Local terminal enterprise competition, not reasonable price cut, does not pay attention to the development of the terminals culture and brand cultivation and foreign brands have poured into, which the country's terminal companies face a survival crisis.

In the terminal market increasingly intensified, domestic some electronic components by providing diversified agent service, grasps the market hot, found the development breakthrough. Three bay as the brand of excellent electrical terminals manufacturer, with "connection is infinite, unimpeded" marketing ideas to create east area of terminal market. And in 2006 the bay in east China in three positioning as the company's biggest target marketing market and formed an independent business team, successively set up to nanjing three bay appliances for corporation, Beijing, Shanghai, chengdu, shenyang, shenzhen, wuhan, xian and ten sales network. In addition, the company all orders directly from nanjing base all delivery, also actively planning delivery warehouse, in business, logistics, manufacturing and r&d link, the domestic customers to provide timely service and enterprise honesty, quality and after-sales service brings powerful guarantee.

As is known to all, terminal is a traditional industries, in the form of product for different industry function and environment individual needs, can blossom into a variety of different specifications. In addition to the safety standards, only within the industry long time of the formation of the swap specifications, and not the so-called standard product. Therefore, meet more diversified product selection, terminal blocks faces a very important topic. And highly individualized demand in the industrial control area, it is the advantage of three bay electric industry, which is the most successful market at present. To this, three bay electric bridge achievers, "said Mr Terminals promotion not just the sale of the product, which is a commodity service. The future three bay electric appliance will carry out more localized service strategies, group with widely over the channel and a professional talents, to a more local service with customers, make three bay appliances production for localization project to provide high quality and reasonable price of terminals."

For many years, three bay appliances have and nanjing guodian south south jiangsu Switzerland, since, CLP group, such as in the industrial company dongyuan group control field, there are very good cooperation, has made three bay in technology reform and development electrical innovation have a degree of accumulation. With China's industrial powers to industrial powers by the rapid development of the course, three bay confirmed development more electric six products in the fields of direction, including industrial control, power plant automation, railway, alternative energy, frequency converter automation industry, but also established the China market with the goal of grow up together.

Create a happy life for the people in the industry

Enterprise culture, is a enterprise way of thinking and working style, and is rooted in the spirit of enterprise internal carrier, it can promote the organization's management and development, can let enterprise members have a common direction, common ideal, the common spiritual and common values.

In three bay appliances, we see the positive work, happy life of enterprise culture. As the nanjing three bay appliances which Mr. General manager achievers bridge description: "DeRenXinZhe have to the world, the heart win win the market." "Especially with highly educated talents, do let go use for talents can provide, fully display intelligence stage and self-improvement space to retain employees, and talent." Achievers bridge is introduced, for many years, the company's backbone flow is few, we all took the company as a home, and to think that you are the owner of the company. Employees want to company think, urgent company anxious, everyone in the achievers under the leadership of the bridge, we work together, try to manufacture first-class products, first-class brand.

"Enterprise management is a process, create life happiness is the purpose." This faith deeply rooted in every three bay in the life of electrical people. In the enterprise internal, three bay appliances set up various activities community, community members use time planning work backbone the literary activity, promote each other, deepen the humanities cultivated manners, and through various activities to promote each other of learning, build team the tacit understanding. In addition, three bay electric appliance also sponsor various social theatrical performances, and encourage employees to participate in the local cultural activities and the festival performance with the competition. In addition to the neighborhood, close, still well training team spirit.

In addition to and staff actively cooperate with and grow together outside, three bay appliances to excellent quality, sincere cooperation, mutual benefit and the concept of many enterprises in the industry have long-term cooperative relations, "is needed to be trusted" more become three bay appliances have been pursued, belief. To this, Mr Achievers bridge also said: "we believe that there must have value, and the real value can satisfy the needs from the product or ability. And at the same time must have to sustain this need, the essence of this relationship was able to continue to exist."

In fact, three bay electric equipment is always on the belief choice supply partner, customer partners, even working partner. Based on this consideration, three bay appliances with long-term cooperation for consideration, selected cooperation can sustain the very long gang.

Do a responsibility of the Chinese national enterprise

In the world, the manufacturer of terminal very much, in China's case have notice producers. But from product covers a range, product quality, development ability, the manufacturing capacity, price competition and global services perspective, real can completely satisfy the conditions of the manufacturer is relatively are few. Because at present all of Europe's leading manufacturers are accumulated more than half a century of development and growth of the established based. However, three bay is the very few electric one of enterprise. Three bay in east China, electric of jiangsu, zhejiang, Shanghai, Yangtze river delta and so on has established the foundation, and in the electrical power terminal industry, have become increasingly prominent, effective application of the Chinese brand enterprise development between the opportunity, positive and global each big mechanical and electrical customer cooperate closely, accumulation products and experience. At the same time, close to the customer service let three bay appliances product experience is different from the Chinese competitors.

Three bay appliances in addition to it is used widely in the terminals, more have Japanese combination of terminal blocks, Europe type box pressure type of combined terminals, spring type terminals and circuit board PCB terminals, PCB connectors, and other types, the production of large current overloaded socket, nc machine tools such as electronic handwheel, with dozens of series, thousands of specification product development experience. This is used to gauge the standard of European sales brand that the shortage of Europe. And for the rapid development of China's overall localization for three bay more can provide all-round electric product line.

In addition, in the financial storm fierce competition under the survival of the era of civilian consumption open. In the market, appeared some interesting phenomenon, originally known brand also launched specifications and grades have adjusted the products, or even seek small mill make it with the level difference of products, by the appearance of brand on the market. But in this phenomenon, three bay electrical still insist on both the product grades, publicity domestic product and mostly exported products, synchronization, and through internal adjustment, shorten the logistics level, streamline costs to achieve both the quality of the product to maintain the premise, still competitive. Three bay electric think, the only way to create customer and three bay electrical win-win results.

Facing financial storm, the Chinese government put forward various stimuli policy. Three bay appliances in the corresponding market development plan, especially in railway, electric power equipment and system of green energy, himself with a full set of strategies, while product development from the smaller, more range more cost saving product design to better electrical properties and the most perfect insulation protection, etc, to provide a full range of new terminal product, all these will be able to run to the recent national policy of development of field.

2010 years nanjing three bay electric equipment are timely and pragmatic produce "for good product shape good brand, let the brand to improve product quality, let a brand for product speak" decision. For many years, after the three bay to create electric appliances (NJSMW) brand has got the recognition of consumers. Three bay brand visibility and reputation of greatly enhanced, and make the company more and more customers, sales outlets across the throughout the country, product export in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and southeast Asia. Three bay electric company got the unprecedented development, the enterprise scale and grade continuously improve, now of the nanjing three bay electric company has become a set of product development, manufacturing, technical support in the integration of the high speed development of enterprise. The company some products have been through the European Union CE authentication and environmental protection safety ROSE the authentication, widely used in electric, electronics, telecommunication, rail transportation, factory automation and so on many domains. Enterprise is rich production experience and mass production ability, for the masses of users production of complete, excellent performance products, and provide the first-class specialized service, make the product is in power, electrical, mechanical control company, sacsc, automation integrated clients of the company by favour.

The company in product development, marketing, quality management, customer service, more efforts to improve, increase the strength of enterprises and competitiveness, and constantly improve our products and service, with offices in the country, products are exported to international market. Customer oriented, efforts to the remarkable quality, leading technology, complete varieties, reasonable price and best service to satisfy the requirements of the customers.

According to statistics, at present the foreign market accounts for three bay electrical whole revenue of about 15%. But with the expectation of the future, Mr Achievers bridge with confidence: "in the future we will concentrate in this part of the growth in 2012, convinced that can ascend to 25-30%", Mr Bridge still regrets achievers to "DelightinConnection (and happiness link), we are looking forward to every NJSMW terminals in finished on a wire connection at the same time, a joy story is opened up, this also is all three bay electrical people do the driving force of the product."

In addition, three bay appliances product group also kept in the nationwide tour products show and explain. Believe it can bring domestic customers on the three bay appliances more understanding, we also believe that the three bay is the hallmark of the existing achievement electrical appliances for doing the terminals and the development of the mechanism parts, with a professional provider as the goal, in China and everyone working together growth.

In the domestic and foreign terminal market the result of joint action, China's terminal industry is booming, and gradually attract the world terminals manufacturer's investment and is currently in the terminal industry, the three bay appliances (NJsmw) is the leader of the terminal industry, and with PCB terminal blocks, rail type terminals, spring type terminals, etc against market.

Keep the terminals of the sustainable development of industry task is still very difficult. Terminals to break through the traditional framework of enterprise, do the real terminals enterprise, must speak benefit, speak the efficiency, speak, speak the management cost, according to the terminal industry development pattern to handle affairs, break through the traditional framework of terminal bound, to the enterprise system mechanism, the control mode, organization and sweeping reform. According to "clear, accurate location, the function is strong, highly efficient control to the requirements of", the breakthrough tradition of terminal industry marketing mode. Terminals of industry structure adjustment is the terminal in the international terminal market enterprise long the primary condition, how to succeed in the terminals enterprise structure adjustment became the domestic terminals manufacture to discuss international topic, as the global economy back on the right path, good environment will promote domestic foreign demand of the development of the electronic components industry..

Company with "the connection is infinite, unimpeded" concept, continuously explore and progress continuously, by strict scientific attitude and their own struggle for world connection technology contribution!

In the new century, nanjing three bay brand will continue to set up a good reputation, and friends from various circles at home and abroad hand in hand together!

Believe that the future will be in the development of world terminals in the process of writing again legend, three bay will also add a pen in the heavy!

We have reason to believe that this is also have five thousand deep cultural connotation of China after the rapid economic development, everyone to the pursuit of the ideal.

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