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Huaibei: a market stop ahead of home appliance "to old change new"

"Not to say that home appliance 'to old change new' deadline at the end of the year? How we huaibei just before Christmas deadline?" Yesterday (December 24), the ms wang huaibei city reflects this. Range hood Reporter then interview found, huaibei city several large chain stores are says it will stop this weekend in home appliance "to old change new". They say, that the practice is to get the business department huaibei city oral announcement.

Home appliance sells

"To the old change new" stop in advance

"You today to come, tomorrow is the last day." Range hoods Yesterday afternoon, when reporters call huaibei su ning electric equipment asked home appliance "to the old change new", the mall workers say, now they have in store posted notice,Cooker hoods on December 24 is to deal with the last day.

The reporter and then call in huaibei management of the larger the five-star electric HeGuoSheng electrical appliances. The five-star electric says, will be in 24 th dealt with "the old change to new",Kitchen hood and countries, said this a born appliances event has ended, December 22,, is a business deal with them the last day.

One of famous electrical appliances sale enterprise huaibei chain store officials say, for home appliance enterprise, it is actually wants to use the last few days of the expanding sales. Exhaust hoods As for why stop in advance? The director said: "we are to get the bureau of commerce of huaibei city oral announcement."

Huaibei business bureau

To ensure complete statistical task

According to information, home appliance "Vent hoods to the old change new" BuTieKuan are first by the electrical appliances sale enterprise DianBu and then through the accounting department of commerce and local bill.

Huaibei a home appliance chain enterprise workers say, although most sales enterprise hope at the end of the season bring better sales data, but in order to prevent can't get BuTieKuan in time,Stainless steel hoods if the business department requires advance stop "Glass hood to the old change new", they also had to do it. A chain of the headquarters of the anhui home appliance people who work, huaibei does not is alone. "Many cities have advance in the activities of the requirements to stop."

Reporters yesterday on this issue in huaibei city business bureau also contact the relevant person in charge of, he said: "' to old change new 'is the end of the year to finish." Chimney hoods But he explain says, because the home appliance "to the old change new" need for data and of the accounts accounting, part of the home appliance enterprise work at a slower speed. In order to ensure timely completion statistical task, so that they would ask for an advance over to deal with.

Island hood

Province business hall

It is strictly prohibited to terminate on its own

"We have issued a notice required to terminate,Island hood shall not be home appliance to old change 'new'." Province business hall home appliance "to the old change new" office staff to reporters yesterday, home appliance with old change new policy implementation deadline for December 31, 2011. The official said, and the specific accounting time problem, the ministry of commerce has said, in December 31, after the end of the activity, will leave for a time for all accounting specific data. The Commerce Department of huaibei city introduced,Slim hoods can be properly solved.

Yesterday (December 24) afternoon, province business hall also transmit "the ministry of commerce, the ministry of finance and the environmental protection department about to do home appliance with old change the new work emergency notice," says "to ensure broad consumer and enterprise benefit, according to the current regulation across the policy period, minds to carry out the good home appliance with old change new policy, forbidden to terminate".

This notice is required to reduce enterprise capital flow pressure, financial department in all can ensure the safety of fund, on the premise of that good credit standing, business scale larger sales enterprise or disassemble enterprise, a certain number of subsidies concentrating its efforts.

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