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Second line home appliance brand borrow way in a line electric business curve market

The development of the electric business platform, also let the panda television second line television brand and part of the small home appliance enterprise saw a line of market in curve opportunity. Because management experience and electric business operation of the shortcomings of the professional, the enterprise Exhaust hoods to try to subcontract related business, further gave birth to the easy product electric appliances, XinQi day and the development of the shang dynasty operators.

However, the personage inside course of study thinks,Vent hoods in the business is still "investment driven" at the moment, the electric business quite part of the risk is actually on to the electrical appliances manufacture enterprise. How to product pricing and control risk, to ensure its own traditional channels and electric business channel profit balance become the home appliance enterprises must Stainless steel hoods solve the problem.

"The curve" into a line market

CLP panda electrical appliances vice President has an interview said, the business is a very good carrier, may become China's urban markets the biggest future sales channels. According to information,Glass hood the panda in primary market especially Beijing TV, and have no choice gome, su ning such traditional home appliance sells, and the main use electric business platform. In addition to the traditional channel operation cost is higher, "in our the current situation of the electricity of the contractoChimney hoods r input-output ratio is far higher than other business model." ZhouKun said, in 2012 its electricity dealer business goal is to achieve 100 million yuan of sales, accounts for 5% of total sales panda TV.

Also became involved in the business is also traditional brand power washing machine, the electrical contractor ZhangZhi chief, said this year began to try to electric power company, Island hood at present has already achieved sales of more than 1000 yuan, the electricity traders layout mainly in Shanghai, Beijing, shenzhen, changsha, etc "e-commerce better atmosphere" city.

According to information, there are many second line small Island hood home appliance brand now even only electric business this a channel, hope the sales and borrows online brand promotion, then gradually cover to offline.

"Second line brand and small and medium-sized enterprises should put the electric appliance more business as a whole new market, the key breakthrough, promote the industry reshuffle."Slim hoods Easy product electric founder bag WenQing said in an interview.

The operation mode of the shang dynasty with risk

Many home appliance enterprise to electric business platform attention also met with management and operating experience of the bottleneck, this gives the shang dynasty operators development opportunities.

XinQi day electrical nets brand director TianYuan think, traditional home appliance manufacturing enterprise to in a short time oneself to make electronic commercial platform is never easy, online mall technical team of building, the website promotion planning and implementation, nationwide large-scale logistics and distribution, and huge network marketing costs, these have all become traditional home appliance enterprise insuperable gap.

Bag WenQing pointed out that, in addition to dell outside of the 3 C products, in the traditional channels, oneself also don't do sales, all is outsourced to agent. Because the business is "small logistics, supply chain flexibility to the demand is higher, this is also the home appliance enterprise management efficiency put forward higher request, if can't deal with, and it is difficult to achieve the business platform for the sales promotion.

Although the above generation operators have not revealed the specific related cooperation benefits. But according to understand, the generation operating companies have the profit pattern of commission, service charge, running water pour, as a model, the commission ratio from 10% to 40% range. The industry even somebody asserted that, electronic business profitable company is a network brand, 2 it is generation operating companies.

However, the Chinese electrical appliances business association, the vice President of marketing HongShiBin told reporters that investment driven model model, the business quite part of the risk is passed on to the home appliance manufacturers, involving inventory disposal, such as debt collection efficiency, how to reasonable fight this risk, and the latter attention.

"We now to bring all product line are stretched from 10 varieties, increased to 25.

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