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Household electrical appliance industry hope the government push to old change new follow-up policy

In a few days, had taken two years of home appliance with old change new subsidies will end on schedule. The morning paper the author is that, from Friday on, Shanghai to contend for take home appliance with old change new "bus" citizens volume increased significantly, su ning, and other home appliances chain brand salesRange hood are rising dramatically. However, "the end of sell like hot cakes" make businessman happy at the same time, the industry have also started to worry it also brings "negative".

"Although the sales situation is very good,Range hoods but also brought the negative effect of overdraw consumption. I think, home appliance with old change new policy after the end of the Spring Festival, a busy season for the past, the electrical appliances sale market will become quite cold, is an unprecedented degree." Shanghai han jianhua JiaoGuDian association secretary-general yesterday tells the author, Cooker hoods from the point of view of the industry, he hopesKitchen hood to old change after the new policy, can continue to release subsequent policy, to the enterprise a transition, avoid a sharp fall in sales.

"Door work until the wee hours of the morning"

Commerce ministry spokesman said yesterday, home appliance with old change the new policy will be held on December 31, end as scheduled. News is determined, many consumers are cast out before the end of the year purchasing home appliance, and stores by the end of the launch of the sales promotion activity further contributing to a "Exhaust hoods sell" situation.

26, 17173, Shanghai changning shop to old for su ning queuing up for new customers. Shanghai su ning marketing personage says, before the same time every day about 10 people line up customers, but 12 months later, deal with to old change new customers are significantly increased, more growth last Friday, counter queues often for 50 m. "Su ning in Shanghai of several flagship store now with old change every day of new business, each big tens of thousands of stores in old change for new staff of several dozens, and even this, these store everyday work time will be extended to 12 o 'clock at night."

"As we ask the staff member daily in old change new documents that day, so information must be input on December after the yongle more stores were extended hours." Yongle home appliance marketing related people said, citizens against current take home appliance with old change new "the last bus to the phenomenon of" the same cause "sell" situation. Such as July and August, Monday to Friday in an old Shanghai paradise for new business is about QiBaQianTai, but in December, after an average daily with old change new volume of close to 20000 sets, the highest peak of the portfolio is a day to 25000 units.

Shanghai gome Marketing Department relevant personage also revealed that since December, the country is in an old change new business increased 180% to 250% last month.

In 2010 the figure line, for stimulating domestic demand, home appliance with old change new policy launch, if consumer buying television sets, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioning, computer five kinds of products, countries to provide electrical appliances sale price 10% cash subsidies, and subsidies for upper limit: TV set 400 yuan/set, refrigerator 300 yuan/sets, washing machine 250 yuan/set, air conditioning 350 yuan/set, computer 400 yuan per unit.

The enterprise to enjoy for "policy dividend"

"To the old change new, household appliances, the launch of the country and so on policy to sales pull role very obvious." Said han jianhua, TV sets, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioning these four categories of electrical appliances product through by the old change new purchase as high as the proportion of 70% ~ 75%.

But "policy dividend" gradually subsided. June 1,, the implementation of the two years of air conditioning energy-saving huimin policy end; December 31,, the home appliance with old change the new policy will stop in the national scope of implementation. Home appliance policy implementation in countryside scope is contractive, according to plan in late January 2013 will end, at present not rule out the possibility of continued.

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