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SANYO brand retreat city home appliance more brand strategy has unknown

On hand to have more than one brand of home appliance enterprise who is more widely and good, or fewer but better?

A few days ago, is located in the Japanese Osaka prefecture keep mouth city SANYO motors at the headquarters building of the "SANYO" mark has been torn down. Since January 2012, Exhaust hoods panasonic and sanyo will begin restructuring and integration work, 4 month sanyo brand will disappear. At the same time, SONY in the completion of the joint venture SONY Ericsson shares the acquisition,Vent hoods also confirmed that in 2012 to give up "SONY Ericsson" brand.

In addition to "sanyo name is loose," "SONY give up what one favours" outside, the reporter sees in recent years, the Chinese electrical appliances market, Europe and America electrolux and philips, Japan's Hitachi, Toshiba, pioneer, South Korea's modern, kyocera and other foreign brands are encountered dueStainless steel hoods to its own market performance of the lowness brand influence to slide. At the same time, beautiful, hisense, changhong etc in domestic enterprise by rongshida group, little swan, hualing, kelon, Glass hood beautiful patterns, and other enterprises,Chimney hoods mergers and acquisitions, huayi, also made a enterprise with more than one brand of busy scene.

At present, the domestic electrical appliances enterprise exists in the main contradictions are: enterprise development relying too much on the growth of the scale expansion drive and the development of Island hood the industry began to slow slide into long even hard to support channels. Fast acquisition of enterprise brand bring capital increase in the number and competition of global integration in brand Island hood influence weak embarrassed. To the implementation of the Chinese electrical appliances enterprise brand more concerned, when the industry into maturity is facing from assets, personnel to the brand integration, Slim hoods system resources integration across.

Foreign enterprises: brand delisting

Since 2009, matsushita electric announced acquisitions since sanyo motors, the "sanyo" brand retreat city news has been accompanied by two enterprises in the whole process of integration. As panasonic will sanyo white electric business to sell China haier, means that panasonic acquisition sanyo comprehensive and integrated new energy business, foreign stripping the fierce competition in the home appliance business basic fall stop.

To realize the global brand image to the unity of the enterprise, the reporter sees, early in the years ago matsushita electric is the decision to give up the global have a higher profile "National" trademark to the comprehensive promotion "Panasonic" brand. In the last year after completion of the sanyo integration in the world, abandon sanyo unified Panasonic, has become a necessity.

At present, in the Chinese market, under the impact of brand sanyo retreat city enterprise, mainly in the washing machine and microwave oven mainly of hefei sanyo (600983, shares it), air conditioning of shenyang sanyo and give priority to TV primarily the dongguan sanyo. Will the market performance to see, once sanyo brand retreat city, by the biggest impact, when is the hefei sanyo, and shenyang sanyo's KongDiaoYe wu Ben in retreat city edge, dongguan sanyo TV business this year it has just become gome run exclusively brand.

With sanyo brand retreat city to involve more Chinese partners different, SONY Ericsson's retreat city is relatively simple. Because Ericsson has no longer involves cell phone terminal product competition, SONY is hope from that platform will multimedia entertainment content for seamless docking. Because the recent years in global mobile phone market has SONY dropped from the mainstream brand factions, by SONY brand back to battle will undoubtedly to open up new markets situation.

Foreign capital enterprise with complete enterprise merger and reorganization different, in brand concentration is low, the brand recognition is not high Chinese household electrical appliance industry, enterprise merger and reorganization between instead won't cause brand retreat city, and instead will be reactivated and even new use, become the diversified business enterprise brand operation after expansion of the new direction.

Local: strong advance

And the foreign capital enterprise merger choose different brand integration to withdraw from the market in recent years, domestic appliance enterprise mergers and acquisitions and expansion was going on a new round of "more brand" contends tricks. Through acquisitions, midea group new little swan, hualing, such as by rongshida group many brands of right, hisense group new kelon, rongsheng two big brands, long rainbow, won the beauty, huayi, add XiBei OS, and various brands, even gome group won the yongle appliances, large and medium-sized appliances, gold sun, black swan, and other regional chain brand management.

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